Mandatory Two-Week Quarantine Extended an Additional 60 Days for Visitors Traveling to Florida from New York Tri-State Area

Jessica Figueroa

Mandatory Two-Week Quarantine Extended an Additional 60 Days for Visitors Traveling to Florida from New York Tri-State Area

Given rising COVID-19 rates across the state of Florida, Governor Ron DeSantis has extended the State of Emergency, thus also extending the ongoing quarantine mandate for all people traveling to Florida from the Tri-State area.

As mandated by the Florida Department of Health, all people traveling to Florida from the Tri-State area are required to self-isolate for 14 days. Previously, the order had been extended through July 7th, but now it seems the order will be in effect through September 5th.

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In a recent update, Governor DeSantis announced that all individuals entering the state of Florida from Connecticut, New Jersey, and New York must isolate or quarantine themselves for a period of 14 days. Quarantine should be in effect from the time of entry into Florida or the duration of the individual’s presence in Florida, whichever is shorter.

Roadside checkpoints on I-10 and I-95 are set up to screen for potential COVID-19 cases. The rule will not apply to students travelling for the purpose of academic work, internships, sports training and any other activity or program approved by their institution. All those isolating are responsible for their own costs associated with their quarantine.

If you live in the Tri-State area and have been planning a trip to Walt Disney World within the coming month, we encourage you to check with your travel agent for any potential changes. In the meantime, any and all changes to these mandates will be listed on the Florida Health Department’s website first and foremost.

Source: NBC2 News


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79 thoughts on “Mandatory Two-Week Quarantine Extended an Additional 60 Days for Visitors Traveling to Florida from New York Tri-State Area”

  1. This is insane! We are the ones most at risk traveling to his state where numbers are sky high. I was considering cancelling because I’m a bit afraid to be in Florida. This is tit for tat since we just banned them from coming here that’s all this is.

    • Dont be afraid. My family & I just came back from Orlando from a 7 day vacation & we had zero issues. Floridians take covid-19 very serious and practice safety protocols
      We are a family of 8 and we all went healthy and came back healthy.

    • We have had the “mandatory” quarantine for a couple of months now, so it’s nothing new. Obviously our numbers are high because of tourists now constantly being here, so it makes sense. That being said, there is no way to enforce this, so it’s just talk.

    • Ya’all sure didn’t mind coming here when YOUR state was in lockdown. People like you are the reason we’re in trouble. Stay away from Florida….as a native, I say….go back!!

    • No Florida actually did it first….since the checkpoints have been up couple of months ago tristate areas were on the list. We’ve came through it several times.

    • Yeah be terrified of the state that has a much higher population in general, a high enormously higher elderly population and a fraction of the deaths. Should worry about your own state seeding nursing homes with COVID patients.

  2. Everyone on Facebook is saying the interstates haven’t had checkpoints for days now and flights from nj no longer require the filling out of forms. Did he actually explicitly mention travel restrictions today or are you making an assumption based on the extension of the state of emergency? It seems like he quietly already phased out the travel restrictions

    • We went to FL like 2 weeks ago. They gave us those forms. We walked off the plane and threw them in the trash. Get bent, RON.

  3. The governor is a moron. The tri state area has not had increases in the number of cases. The numbers are going down. The numbers in Florida are rising. Had he mandated masks and social distancing and not opened beaches prematurely maybe the numbers would be better. He screws up and wants to punish people who live in northern states even if they do not have the virus. If this is the policy it should be enforced for ALL! There should be no exceptions for students and certain others. It is the students that are now spreading the virus because they think it is a game and are not taking it seriously. Hope all the people of Florida vote this moron out of office.

    • Cases are rising in Florida due to all the out of state travelers. NY was a major contributor to the problem along with all the “protesters”. We need to quit letting this control everyone’s lives. Herd immunity is the only way this is going to stop. That is just part of life. High risk stay home and the rest go on living.

      • I mean, facts totally discredit what you just said but ok, keep telling that New York is to blame for COVID-19 being out of control in Florida due to inept leadership.

      • If high risk people have some sort of social safety net, and do not have to worry about having money to buy food or pay rent and all their other bills, that would work well. What state has that?

      • Sadly, there is no evidence that herd immunity is possible with this particular virus. See failures in Sweden, Brazil, and the White House staff.

      • I used to feel the same way until it occurred to me that herd immunity would be short lived if it is even possible because of mutations. Years of watching sci-fi movies for entertainment. Here we are.

      • Al — Protests do not appear to be linked to spikes in COVID, as some cities that had huge protests, but had mask ordinances and were slower to open up high-risk places like bars, have not had spikes; the areas that are spiking are all areas that have not mandated masks, and were quicker to go back to “normal,” not taking this thing seriously enough. Also, recent studies are indicating no significant, long-term, (as in, more than a couple months), immunity is achieved in people that have had it and recovered. Also, do you know what defines “high risk?” Because the biggest risk factor for adults under 50 is obesity, (+30 BMI), and that’s pretty many people in this country, unfortunately.

      • Cases are rising in Florida due to community spread in Florida.

        New cases in NY since 7/1: 4,158
        New cases in NJ since 7/1: 2,211
        New cases in FL since 7/1: 61,360

        Florida is blowing this on their own. It has nothing to do with anyone else.

        Also, herd immunity is not the only option and it’s a legitimately terrible option. It would require apx 80% infection rate (262,560,000 cases nationwide) to reach and with current mortality rates (4.6%) that translates to 12 million deaths. That’s insane.

        Just wear a mask. Keep some distance. Wash your hands. Don’t throw 12 million bodies on a pyre because you can’t handle some minor inconveniences.

      • You’re 100% right. NY’ers flooded Florida when they were in lockdown….bringing the virus right along with them. As a native of Florida, please peeps….go back!!

      • Yeah not even 4000 deaths compared to 31000. But young healthy people are testing positive. Oh my goodness the world is coming to an end.

    • I agree. Manatee County has a lot of people who are not wearing mask and social distancing, because D Santis didn’t order it. They all think like Trump.

    • The Governor is saying this to “PROTECT” other people from entering Florida because our numbers has risen. Everyone is taking his restrictions the wrong way. Its to protect you.

    • I feel the same exact way sort of. Look at where new York is and where Florida is. What I find horrific is. He says new york nee jersey Connecticut. But that’s not the only states who are part of this country. I live in long island new york east of new york city. Try reaching out. And no one responds back to me since June 14. The governor of Florida is very inconsiderate and only thinks of himself. We had masks the whole time. I don’t even know if desantis required masks yet. Very frustrating hearing about a quarantine. Try being a person with a disability and a lot of anxiety to this kind of stuff.

  4. DeSantis has been doing a lousy job in relation to the virus while here in New York, Governor Cuomo and New Yorkers have been doing such a good job that our infection rates are very low. This is DeSantis trying to deflect from his poor performance. He’s also hurting Disney World and Universal since many people from the tri-state area won’t be visiting now.

    • I was thinking the same thing…. We live in CT, have family in Manhattan, and my husband is a physician, so we have been following COVID19 news closely since the beginning. The numbers here have been good, and we’ve noticed the same for NY. So a mandatory quarantine from us makes no sense.

    • What about college students due to go down from NY to begin the fall semester in a few weeks??

    • No Coumo is not doing a good job. New Yorkers are doing a good job. DeSantis is not doing a bad job their tourists are doing a bad job.

    • Are you kidding. Cuomo put all those infected Covid-19 elderly patients back into their nursing homes with healthy senior citizens which resulted in more deaths. Cuomo, like his brother is a moron. Do your research…anyone who died of Covid-19, while on a ventilator received $39,000. Thats why New York numbers were so high, he needed the rest of America to bail him out of his poor business decisions.

    • You’re talking about the same gov who ordered covid positive patients back into the nursing homes??? Ok, keep electing people like DeBlasio and Cuomo and no one will ever travel to NYC.

    • The numbers in Florida are just as stupid as most other states..if you are tested without showing any signs, reason to be in this hog wash.. My ex works in the critical care ICU.. And from the front lines..stop listening to these politicians. If you become i’ll then it’s time to seek care..even then 99.2% of patients survive, more than flu, do they close schools and businesses when the flu breaks out? Or is this just a way to get the sheep in line…fear..

    • Quickly we forget how Cuomo sent back the elderly to die in their nursing homes. Yeah, he’s doing a stellar job.

    • You call over 30000 deaths a good job? You lost more people in nursing homes than we have in our whole state. Better pray a second wave doesn’t hit NY during flu season. Florida’s young and healthy are building herd immunity with no spike in deaths.

    • Without a doubt
      Florida hasn’t adhered to stay at home
      Furthermore there beaches weren’t closed
      If so didnt enforce any type of social distancing

  5. I live here in Florida and have to say if I was you I would stay put until the state gets things under control here. Disney can wait life is short no need to push the envelope as if to say.

  6. This is ridiculous. The article says that students and people playing in sports events are exempt from this? Why? Makes no sense what so ever.

  7. I had a trip planned from NY, florida is the hot spot now and NY is doing great. You could not pay me to go to florida, pound sand Desantis you moron, you screwed up big time.

  8. Covid -19 is trackable. I wish I had pursued being a class action lawyer instead of a healthcare professional. I would sue every Director of Education /principal that held a graduation ceremony and every city council meeting without mask and every gathering protesting the use of masks. I hope you all go down

  9. Interesting all my comments about lack of political control are eliminated from conversation. Will be added to evidence of tourist contamination of virus

  10. Those who have plans to travel to Florida should just cancel. Maybe they are only planning on coming for a week. If they have to quarantine for 14 days there is no point in coming. Hopefully this is enforced & tracked!

  11. Florida increase in cases is due to all n.y., n.j. Conn people who escaped THEIR own state in March, April, may. Even when our beaches were closed there were many many people just walking the on the beach, shopping in our supermarkets, and visiting the outdoor restaurants. Do santis should have closed the airports and all major highways to the out of state crowds. So now you people can stay at your beaches, and your restaurants and let us deal with the mess you have spread around without a care in the world

  12. I have reservation in Orlando for August 2 to 9 but I live in New York, also I got my test for coronavirus (Negative) and for antibodys (positive). Should I have to stay in 14 days quarantine on Florida? or the test results are good enough?

  13. How will this be enforced? Unless law enforcement is rounding everyone up, shuttling them to a hotel, and posting guards, this ain’t happening! Great at issuing “rules,” horrible at enforcing. Why bother?

  14. Hello the self quarentine is completely ignored. I live in Florida and can tell you for a fact that those individuals from that region could careless about anyone but themselves. Florida the septic tank of the world.

  15. It should be the other way around…Florida is the Covid-19 hot spot…no one in their right mind wants to go to Florida LOL!

  16. Time for a lawsuit regarding these quarantine orders and we will let a court decide how lawful any of them are. In a free country you should not be able to restrict interstate travel. This a game these governors are playing and it needs to stop. We have tests now including antibody tests to see if you may be immune to getting the virus. These quarantine orders are no longer necessary.

  17. Thankyou. Jessica. Updates and cautions needful. The cost us too high to be taking risks. Loving our neighbor as ourselves means respectfully wearing the mask, staying back. Speaking with concern and compassion. Ask the cat who walks by himself. Even he must realize this is no time to see all places as alike and avoid the thrown boot!

  18. De Santis should have postponed the opening of Disney and all theme parks in Fl. A friend of mine said De Santis is trying to deliver Fl to Trump in Nov and all the COVID 19 deaths here between now and then will be collateral damage to that aim. He is making the economy more important than health safety. Call it what it is.

  19. It’s not worth it to take a vacation in Florida if you have to do that. Why bother going? Just wait until they come up with a vaccine. Maybe 6 months after, things will go back to normal.
    I live in New York, get tested every day, and basically live the life of a monk. I am around people sometimes. But I haven’t gotten sick yet. I don’t believe I’m going to either. Are they discriminating against people from the tri-state area? I wonder.

  20. It’s not that serious. Just vacation in your home state. If you’re from Connecticut, and heading to Florida, please stay for two months, don’t bring virus to CT. FLORIDA leadership is run by foolish people.

  21. It baffles me that check points are at I-10 and I-95 and none at I-75, makes this quarentine mandate useless.

  22. Pretty hilarious of DeSantis given the current status of Florida’s COVID response compared to Tristate and his failure to protect his citizens by early, consistent action to prevent the spread of the virus. Instead he forces an early opening, does not enforce social distancing and masking requirements, then says NYers are the problem. CT reported zero virus-related deaths today. How many in FL? It’s Tristate that needs to continue it’s quarantine requirements for Floridians seeking entry to NY, NJ, & CT.

  23. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black… Whose rates have dropped and whose are rising?

  24. The only person he should blame is himself , for not taking care of his people in his state , its all about the money not peoples health

  25. So you need to quarantine unless you are a student, the ones fueling this spread. Why does this sound like safety theater or just retribution

  26. Ugh. So much for the non refundable DVC rental I booked 6 months ago. Think I’ll send DeSantis my bill.

  27. Someone needs to explain how the governor of Florida has a travel ban on NJ, NY, and CT when Georgia right next to it has a higher infection rate per one million than any of the mentioned states. Texas will also be passing those states in the next couple of days. The entire thing seems very political to me. My county in NJ had 17 new cases yesterday. The entire state had a couple of hundred. There is really no reason to be banning the state from entering Florida when Texas can come when they had 10,000 cases in a day.

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