PHOTOS: Pirates of the Caribbean Sets Sail with New Safety Measures at the Magic Kingdom

Ahoy, there! Cast member previews have begun at the Magic Kingdom, and it’s time to head to Adventureland and set sail with the Pirates of the Caribbean!

Social distancing can be seen throughout the queue, even extending outside the building.

Plenty of floor markings show guests where to stand to maintain a safe distance.

Parties are also more separated now. We saw one to two parties being seated in each boat.

But it be too late to alter course now, mateys! It’s time to cast off!

“Dead men tell no tales… but seeing as you’re not dead, please tell tales while wearing your face masks.”

Captain Barbossa looks as intimidating as usual.

Isn’t that nice of the mayor? He’s staying safe by social distancing… in the well.

Redd continues to oversee affairs…

…while these buccaneers remain quarantined. Be safe out there, me hearties! Stay tuned as we cover even more reopening previews at Walt Disney World, as well as the official reopenings later this week.

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