Mickey’s Storybook Express Daytime Parade Resumes Operation At Shanghai Disneyland

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While all parades remain suspended at Walt Disney World, Shanghai Disneyland is resuming its daytime parade, Mickey’s Storybook Express.

Mickey's Storybook Express at Gardens of Imagination, Shanghai Disneyland, Summer 2018.

Disney Magical Kingdom Blog tweeted out the news last night.

Mickey’s Storybook Express has been the daytime parade at Shanghai Disneyland since it opened in 2016. According to Shanghai Disney Resort’s website, it will be running at noon and 3:30 pm every day for the next week. No performances are listed after August 1, as the parade is currently in a trial period. Hopefully, all will go well and the parade will be able to continue!

Shanghai Disneyland was the first Disney park to reopen after the unprecedented COVID-19 closures. It reopened on May 11th, and stage shows resumed operation not long after. The only major entertainment element that has not resumed operation is the “Ignite the Dream” nighttime spectacular.

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