PHOTOS: Baby Care Center at the Magic Kingdom Reopens With Fewer Care Stations but Same Amenities

Parents of small children know that having somewhere to relax, out of the heat, where they can feed, change, and otherwise care for their children is invaluable. The Baby Care Center is not only that, but they also have essentials available for purchase, and equipment available for use to heat up food and formula. We got a full tour of the new socially distanced experience of the Baby Care Center at the Magic Kingdom, so, let’s take a look.

Due to the construction going on between Casey’s Corner and the Crystal Palace, the Baby Care Center is somewhat tucked away behind the construction walls. Follow the path back to the restrooms and continue on, and you’ll come to a sign and then a socially distanced queue, leading you to a haven for parents and children alike.

Just inside the inviting French doors is a hand sanitizer station. No social distancing queues are marked inside the building, as families are assigned a station upon arrival and don’t need to queue up inside.

The kitchen area is still stocked with essentials available for purchase, including several formula options. Bottle warmers and a microwave are available for guests to use.

The feeding room, which normally houses 6 feeding stations, has been reduced to 3 in order to maintain a safe distance between all stations.

A similar reduction in capacity has taken its toll on the changing station room. Three stations are available for guests to use.

The one-room we did not personally see was the bathroom, although we are told it is unchanged, with the regular toilet and the child-sized “silent flush” toilet. Have you frequented the Baby Care Center in the past and are glad to see it reopened? Let us know in the comments!

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