PHOTOS: New Exit Only Signs And Closed Areas on Tom Sawyer Island at the Magic Kingdom

One area of Magic Kingdom where Cast Members aren’t always around to control social distancing is Tom Sawyer Island. To account for this, new safety measures have been added on the rafts and around the island itself.

While waiting for a raft to arrive, guests waiting to go to Tom Sawyer Island are told to stand six feet apart by markers on the ground.

We’ve seen similar markers in many queues at Magic Kingdom this week.

Only three parties are allowed on a raft at a time, and circles on the floor of the raft indicate where each party should stand.

Once on the island, you’ll notice fresh Exit Only signs at the exits of buildings, caves, and bridges.

Many of these attractions already had set entrances and exits, but extra floor signs have been added to emphasize this.

Unfortunately, the playground for children between ages 2 and 12 is closed. But the fort, including the Rifle Roost, is still open.

There is a hand sanitizer dispenser near the fort, and trash cans are propped open. Signs on the trash cans also remind guests about good sanitation practices.

While the single restuarant on Tom Sawyer Island, Aunt Polly’s, is only open a few weeks of the year, signs have been placed on some of the tables instructing guests that they are not available. This way guests can still sit and eat any of their own snacks without worrying about other parties getting too close.

This pathway is blocked off on one side.

Social distancing measures continue on the dock and raft when heading back to the mainland of the Magic Kingdom.

As usual, Tom Sawyer Island closes just before dusk.

Continue checking for updates about the new social distancing procedures at Walt Disney World.

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