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PHOTOS: New “Mask Enforcement Squad” Dispatched to EPCOT to Ensure Guests Do Not Remove Face Masks

As Walt Disney World continues its phased reopening, face mask policies are being constantly updated to keep guests safe. We first broke news on the latest update this weekend, where guests at EPCOT were actively told to remain stationary when eating or drinking with their face masks off, thereby correcting the “loophole” many guests were abusing in order to keep their face masks off for the majority of the day. That was followed by new signage at all food and beverage locations, and now there’s a new mask enforcement squad going around the parks to ensure guests keep their masks on at all times.

We’ve spotted this new team throughout the day at EPCOT today, carrying signage that reminds guests to “wear a face covering unless stopped to eat or drink.”

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face mask enforcement cast members 1 1

Cast Members will actively remind guests to follow current park rules and keep their face masks on at all times, unless guests are seated or standing off to the side to eat or drink, complying with the updated policy.

As a reminder, these Cast Members are doing their best to keep both guests and employees safe inside the theme parks throughout the pandemic. If you are stopped or told to put your face mask on, be a model guest and follow rules. If you’re needing some “mask-free” time, head to a nearby designated Relaxation Station.

While we’ve only seen designated mask enforcement Cast Members at EPCOT so far, we expect similar protocols to follow at Magic Kingdom, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, Disney’s Animal Kingdom, and Disney Springs as well.

  1. Little bit of an overkill of signage. We get it wear a mask. I’ve been wearing them before anyone told me to wear one. But it takes from the joy of Disney all this signage and acting as if we aren’t adult enough. It’s making me wish we didn’t rebook our trip that got cancelled earlier this year for Sept.

    1. That is great that you are so compliant about mask wearing! But that is not the case for much of local central Floridians. You almost have to hit them over. The head with signage – and then no excuse “ I didn’t know”…

  2. Good to see EPCOT is taking a stronger stand against the spread of this deadly disease. It has claimed far too many lives already.

  3. They should just be stationed outside of the Rose & Crown to deal with the drunk people who are stumbling out of there without their masks on

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