PHOTOS: Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn and Cafe Reopens at the Magic Kingdom With Limited Seating and No Fixin’s Bar

Theme park restaurants have definitely been hit hard by the pandemic, having to rethink buffets and seating. We visited Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn And Cafe in Frontierland to see how their procedures have changed to account for sanitation and social distancing.

The biggest change you’ll notice when visiting Pecos Bill is the closure of the toppings bar.

Like Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Cafe, Pecos Bill has almost entirely converted to mobile ordering.

If you still need to order with a Cast Member, lane four is open with a plexiglass window for protection.

A sign on the window reminds you they accept contactless payment.

pecos bill

There’s also plexiglass at the counter where you pick up your food.

pecos bill menu

There’s still plenty of delicious food on the menu.

pecos bill menu
pecos bill menu

We picked up our nachos and then headed into the seating area.

New silverware dispensers allow you to grab what you need without touching a lever or any silverware other than what you take with you.

pecos bill

In the dining rooms, every other table has a sign indicating that it is not available.

Thankfully, Pecos Bill has a lot of space, so we didn’t have to sit anywhere near other guests.

Social distancing continues on the patio, with signs stuck to the tables so they won’t blow off. As you can see, it wasn’t very busy when we stopped by.

pecos bill

We’re thankful for all the work Cast Members have put in to make sure our dining experience is safe! Will you be visiting quick service restaurants when you return to Walt Disney World?

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  1. I think I might finally try the food at Pecos Bill’s in November. All I’ve ever bought there before was the old Country Bears jug-style soda “cup.” The nachos look good.

  2. Looks like Disney is continuing their Chapek dictatorship of paying more for less. There is no indication that you can get the toppings if you ask a cast member to load it for you, so why even go to this establishment anymore? The toppings bar was the sole draw.

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