PHOTOS: Construction on Entrance to “The Grid” Continues Programming at TRON Lightcycle / Run in the Magic Kingdom

Not much has changed since our last update on TRON Lightcycle / Run at the Magic Kingdom, but construction is still carrying on slowly.

These steel beams will eventually support the illuminated canopy that will cover the outdoor part of the coaster.

From another angle, we could see show lights attached to the slanted beams.

Gray paneling continues to be added to the show building. Still more remains to be added around where the track enters the building on the right of these photos.

More concrete supports have been erected around the track, also in preparation for the canopy. These concrete supports will soon have steel beams attached to them.

At the top, we see the arched entryway where the outdoor coaster meets the Grid, where guests will zoom through illuminated panels in otherwise total darkness.

Paneling has only been added to two sides of the coaster’s show building so far.

Dark blue paneling is being added to the side of the building facing the Contemporary Resort. There’s obviously still a lot of work to be done inside of the building itself. The view right now seems to show mainly scaffolding and support structures.

The coaster is supposed to open before Magic Kingdom’s 50th anniversary next year, but it’s possible the opening will be delayed because of the park’s closure. The Magic Kingdom guidemap does declare the coaster is “Now Programming” which indicates that Disney is planning on opening it sooner rather than later. You can check out a full POV ride-through of Lightcycle / Run’s sister coaster in Shanghai by viewing our YouTube video below:

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