PHOTOS, VIDEO: Merida’s Horse Gets Startled During “The Royal Princess Processional” at the Magic Kingdom Reopening

Jessica Figueroa

PHOTOS, VIDEO: Merida’s Horse Gets Startled During “The Royal Princess Processional” at the Magic Kingdom Reopening

Jessica Figueroa

PHOTOS, VIDEO: Merida’s Horse Gets Startled During “The Royal Princess Processional” at the Magic Kingdom Reopening

Ever since the debut of “The Royal Princess Processional” at the Magic Kingdom as part of socially-distanced character entertainment for the reopening, guests have marveled at Merida and her steady steed Angus march down the Magic Kingdom.

Today, however, an incident caused the horse to get startled, which made for a somewhat scary scene in the middle of Main Street, U.S.A.

bill zanetti merida horse incident 2
Photo Credit: Bill Zanetti

The incident was caught on camera by Bill Zanetti, a guest at the Magic Kingdom.

bill zanetti merida horse incident 5
Photo Credit: Bill Zanetti

According to Zanetti, a toddler ran out into the parade route. The father grabbed the toddler to safety, but the balloon the toddler was carrying floated into the parade route, with the string entwining around the horse’s leg and startling it. Thankfully, both Merida and the horse were okay, as Merida was able to hop off the horse and Angus was steadied by handlers. You can view the moment in which the incident happened in the YouTube video below:

We’re relieved all of the characters and animal performers, as well as their handlers, are safe after the incident. Always remember to supervise your children closely throughout the Disney Parks, as even where fantasy reigns, safety is still paramount.

For the full version of “The Royal Princess Processional” at the Magic Kingdom, check out our YouTube video below:

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19 thoughts on “PHOTOS, VIDEO: Merida’s Horse Gets Startled During “The Royal Princess Processional” at the Magic Kingdom Reopening”

  1. That horse wasn’t “spooked”, some moronic passholder can’t handle the overpriced balloon they didn’t need and almost broke that horse’s legs and got that woman nearly bucked off and severely hurt. This is disgusting.

    • That string wouldn’t have broken his legs lol. But she could have very well broken her neck. Ya balloons shouldn’t be allowed on any parade route with animals involved.

  2. Poor horse, I imagine there will be new protocol in place after this incident. Glad everyone is safe, and cast members treated this like professionals (especially Merida!)

  3. IDIOTS OF THE YEAR AWARD goes to the parents of that toddler. Nice going losers, it’s always one to ruin things for everyone. SUPERVISE UR BE CHILDREN MEANS U CONTROL THEM

  4. Honestly, that was a pretty mild freak out, and the horse handled that far better than they could have. The rider and handlers were all doing exactly what they should.

    Bravo to them for keeping calm and de escalating quickly!

  5. Tie balloons to the kid’s wrist, the stroller, or balloons for responsible adults only. Don’t buy children balloons. They only want them for 2 minutes OR buy balloons on the way out of the park and place them in your trunk until you arrive at your destination safely.

  6. I’m sorry, as much as I know accidents happen with kids. That accident was preventable if the parents had been doing doing what they should have…. watching their kids! For putting the CM, animal, others at risk, I would have escorted the family from the parks and kicked them out for the day!!! Now, knowing Disney, they will err on the side of caution and possibly no longer allow characters to come out on the horses. Way to possibly ruin things for everyone because you can’t be a PARENT and keep control of your kid! It’s Disney World, not a daycare. Others shouldn’t have to change their lives, job, entertainment because you can’t parent, then in the video the mom or adult female is asking why the other girl is crying….. duh…. you guys ruined the magic by not staying where you should have and not securing the balloon to the child or to something.

  7. They handled this soo well without really causing panic to those around and kept her as calm as possible wonderful job disney cast members!!! ❤

  8. The horse was drugged to the point where he could barely hold his head up or his penis in its sheath. The balloons then startled him out of his stupor. If they aren’t properly trained dont involve animals.

  9. I would say with horses in this type of work, one must always be prepared for things like this to happen. If out in the country, it could have easily been a snake lying on a trail, a deer popping out of the brush, or a wild turkey. This is the urban version. The handlers and the horse reacted exactly as they should. The person who lost grip on the balloon should not be too terribly upset by this. When starting young horses for work like this, handlers frequently make them walk through shower curtains, open umbrellas near their faces, and expose them to as much as possible to prepare them for just such a moment. This horse will be a better horse because of this, although momentarily upset by it. So anyone saying “humans are stupid” because of this does not truly understand horses in this environment.

  10. All the hate for these parents is over the top. It was an accident! Everyone thankfully was ok. Geese…..

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