PHOTOS, VIDEO: Guests Evacuated from Splash Mountain During Magic Kingdom Reopening


PHOTOS, VIDEO: Guests Evacuated from Splash Mountain During Magic Kingdom Reopening


PHOTOS, VIDEO: Guests Evacuated from Splash Mountain During Magic Kingdom Reopening

If you’re looking to visit the Laughing Place with Br’er Rabbit, you may be headin’ for trouble as Splash Mountain had to evacuate guests earlier this afternoon during the grand reopening of the Magic Kingdom.

splash evac 1

Members of our team happened to be on the attraction, getting ready to crest the final lift hill and make the terrifying drop into the briar patch, when the emergency lights turned on and all motion stopped. After waiting for several minutes, an announcement came over the loudspeaker notifying guests that a Cast Member would be there soon to help assist them with evacuating the ride.

Guests were evacuated in groups of three, and encouraged to maintain social distancing after being evacuated from ride vehicles and led single-file backstage and back outside:

splash evac july 11

All guests affected received a return time to experience the popular Splash Mountain attraction once again, as recovery. Currently, the attraction is still unavailable at the Magic Kingdom.

Of course, follow along with us at WDWNT as we continue to cover the grand reopening of the Magic Kingdom.

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  1. That happened to us at Disneyland. I think one of the lift belts broke down and they finally had to stop everyone. We got to walk through half the ride – I managed to sneak a little pat on B’rer Rabbit’s head on the way through.

    • WDWNT. Walt Disney World News Today. A ride had to be evacuated. At Disney World. These kind folks report news. At Disney World. I wish people would take the advice of the March Hare. “Ah thats the point!, If you dont think, you shouldnt talk!”

    • Not really but it’s a good reason for them to close and start to re new the ride to that stupid frog movie….

    • Exactly. Actually, I am fairly dismayed that they didn’t hold off with the reopening. I know everyone is itching to return to normal, but, still. The ‘rona numbers are raging, and it is too soon. Don’t get me wrong, I love Disney, but waiting would certainly be prudent! 15,300 new cases today, the new record 😟

  2. I am becoming very disappointed in your coverage of WDW. I’ve also heard from a few cast members that some on your staff are not nice to WDW cast members. As a former cast member, all I can say in not nice.

  3. We were evacuated from the Norway ride in Epcot Years ago and I can tell you that the cast was all very professional, calm and confident in what they did and how they handled the guests.

    When the ride stopped the cast members appeared in what seemed to be a matter of moments and began to assure the guests that all was fine

  4. It stinks that none of us can be next to each other! Why people get a Brain they are just trying to control us! #Stopsocialdistance

  5. Haha back in 93’ my brother and I were on Space Mountain, the ride had just taken off, heading up that first hill when halfway up, the ride comes to a complete stop. We were stuck there for a good hour. There was some sort of emergency with another one of the passengers in the car ahead of us. After it started back up, we rode the rollercoaster with all the lights on inside the dome. To see all the mechanics, and experience Space Mountain in its naked form is something I’ll never forget.

  6. This whole time, I could have been reporting hard hitting news when like when the Indiana Jones ride stopped. But then it started!! …missed my chance.

  7. A bit off topic but any idea when they are going to close for the redesign? Trying to see if we can make it there before they do close it for good and we can ride it one last time in its original state

  8. The same thing happened to us in 2012. When they made the announcement about evacuating us EVERYBODY on the ride said yes they wanted off. They made repeated announcements that they were “on the way”. It wasn’t until 45 minutes later, when some of the guests started getting off by themselves, that they made an announcement to stand still, that trying to do it by yourself you could get hurt and they FINALLY sent “cast members” to assist in getting off the ride.

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