Walt Disney World Annual Passholders Can Purchase Individual Tickets to Obtain Additional Theme Park Reservations; Amount Paid to be Used Towards Future Renewal


Walt Disney World Annual Passholders Can Purchase Individual Tickets to Obtain Additional Theme Park Reservations; Amount Paid to be Used Towards Future Renewal


Walt Disney World Annual Passholders Can Purchase Individual Tickets to Obtain Additional Theme Park Reservations; Amount Paid to be Used Towards Future Renewal

If you’re an Annual Passholder who’s had trouble securing Disney Park Pass reservations due to limited capacity and availability, Guest Relations cast members have indicated a workaround so current Passholders can still obtain theme park reservations, even if they’re in low supply on the Park Pass Availability Calendar.

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Annual Passholders looking to dip into the current Disney Park Pass availability reserved for guests with Theme Park Tickets are being given the option to purchase single- or multi-day tickets and have that value applied towards the purchase, upgrade, or renewal of an Annual Pass.

Do note that this is not exclusive to Passholders, as guests have always been able to use funds on tickets towards upgrades. There is no limit on ticket purchases—you can purchase, for example, three one-day tickets and apply all of that towards a renewal or new pass—however, there are some practical limitations as any “leftover” funds that surpass the cost of a renewal cannot be “saved” and used for later.

It was stressed to us by the Cast Member that if you do decide to go this route, it’s important to tell the Cast Member who is assisting you at either Guest Relations or Ticket Sales that you intend on using those funds towards an upgrade or renewal so a note can be made on the account and transaction.

Many Annual Passholders have expressed frustration at the concept of this workaround, given that theme park reservations were capped on a basis of limiting capacity at the parks. Annual Passholder theme park reservations have been in extremely limited supply, with all of July and most weekends in August already booked up—but as we’ve seen, paying up front may gain you additional access.

Will you be using this workaround so you can later upgrade to an Annual Pass? Let us know what you think of this new system in the comments below.

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17 thoughts on “Walt Disney World Annual Passholders Can Purchase Individual Tickets to Obtain Additional Theme Park Reservations; Amount Paid to be Used Towards Future Renewal”

  1. This is so stupid. Instead of forcing passholders to spend more money to buy tickets why don’t they just modify the availability calendar and make.more slots open to passholders and fewer available to the ticket holders who clearly aren’t bringing as much demand

  2. Disney are breaking their terms of service to pass holders
    No where did it mention when paying in advance or signing the contract did it mention subject to to a reservation system that fails to allow access to even 1 park. Buying a regular day ticket defeats the purpose of having a Annual Pass to begin with.
    Disney needs to fix it immediately or be at risk of class action law suits

  3. This is ridiculous! No way am I spending more money on extra tickets! I am a Premium Plus AP holder and this whole system is a rip off. Universal is definitely doing things way better than Disney. I will give them more of my praise and business.

  4. I would just like to be able to cancel my AP! Every time I try and call I get the run-around. “We’ll let you know when you can cancel”. I was told beginning of July. Well, we’re past the begining and into the middle of july. I cannot fathom why they are making it so hard. I don’t blame Disney for a virus or for government mandates. But I am truly disappointed on how they have handled things.

  5. This is not true. Only for new ap’s and if the ticket falls within a blockout it cannot be upgraded to an AP lower than gold, platinum or platinum plus, that has that date blocked out, and ONLY for NEW annual passes NOT RENEWAL!

    The only way to use that ticket towards a renewal is if ticket has NEVER been used

  6. I think this is nonsense. I bought the passes to avoid these kind of hassles. I work and I don’t always know in advance when I’ll be able to go. The passes were convenient and required no planning. It took less planning for my wedding then it does to score access to the park. I get why it is being done, it just doesn’t work for me.

  7. So, it’s NOT a matter of safe capacity, it’s $$$.
    Why not release a limited number of reservations for APs every morning or after 1pm?
    I understand the situation, but they have my money already and my pass is basically nullified.

  8. I thought annual passholders were the largest following at Disney? Seems so dumb to be ruining their relationship with their largest base. I will definitely go to Universal instead.

  9. My husband and I want to cancel our passes since we no longer can use park hopping, can’t get a reservation to a park anyway, don’t know when we are going due to weather and other obligations and whatever happened to the water parks? NOTHING has been said about the water parks and that is something we have always used as a perk of premium plus pass. So, instead of just allowing us to cancel it now, we have to be charged for July and August, then cancel and wait for a refund? How stupid is that? We just waited for a refund for the triple charges they charged with no authorization on both of us! We were also charged for March because we missed the cut off for a refund by 2 days, even though more than half the month Disney was closed. Everyone should have had a refund for March and people should be able to cancel their annual passes NOW!

  10. Just how greedy can Disney be? I already spent my money, why do I have to spend more. I have no Intention of renewing. This is not what I signed up for or agreed to pay for.

  11. Could I buy a few single day tickets and for my daughter and then have the costs applied to an annual pass for her when they decide to start back selling them? I’m already an AP holder.

  12. I’ve just learned that Disney is now selling new 2020 multi tickets and they can make reservations for all days. I am an out of state annual passholder and I can only only make 3. How is that fair?

  13. I’m also an annual passholder at Universal studios. They paused my pass until Governor Desantis allows me to vist and they will add another 6 months to my pass once I am able to visit again. This was done in 30 seconds over the phone. Disney now wants me to spend more money so that i can guarantee myself a reservation at the time of my visit?

  14. This only works if you do not have an annual pass. If you buy the multi-day ticket, you can upgrade to an annual pass.
    Also, corporate decides if the amount of availability changes from resort/ticket purchases to annual passholders….so don’t hold your breathe that it will happen. Disney doesn’t care if the parks are at the limit of visitors.

    If you know you are not going and made a reservation please cancel ASAP so another passholder can use it.

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