Guests Not Wearing Face Masks on Attractions Will Not Receive On-Ride Photo at Walt Disney World

Walt Disney World has established some pretty strict guidelines for its reopening regarding face masks at its various resort hotels and theme parks. Face Masks with ear loops are required for all guests over the age of 2, and as we’ve learned through recent updates, no gaiters will be allowed. Once inside the parks, face masks must remain on at all times, except when you’re actively eating or drinking, or inside a designated mask-free “Relaxation Station”. Masks must stay on for PhotoPass sessions, in queues, and especially on attractions. In fact, as a means of further enforcing this rule, guests who remove their masks on attractions will not receive their on-ride PhotoPass photos:

The on-ride photo station at the exit of Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin in the Magic Kingdom. Only guests who keep their mask on will have their photo show up for download or purchase.

We’ve received confirmation from various Cast Members at attractions that guests who remove their face masks while on an attraction will have their on-ride photo pulled and deleted from the PhotoPass system. Only guests who follow the rules and keep their face masks on at all times throughout the duration of the attraction will have their photo show up for download or purchase.

This has been established at all on-ride photo ops at the Magic Kingdom, including Splash Mountain, The Haunted Mansion, and Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger Spin.

We’re told this rule has been applied to all on-ride PhotoPass opportunities throughout the four theme parks, and have since been able to confirm that this is also the case at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. We’ll inquire at EPCOT and Disney’s Hollywood Studios upon their reopening to ensure it’s also being enforced at those parks as well.

Do note that many guests have noted significant delays in seeing their PhotoPass photos appear under “My Photos” on My Disney Experience, but as long as you (and, well, everyone else in your ride vehicle) had their masks on, you should see them uploaded soon.

What do you think of this new form of face mask “enforcement” at Walt Disney World? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. oh no. now i don’t get to buy a low quality printed photo for $29.99. What ever shall we do?

  2. my husband just asked me an interesting question. What if you are on a ride that has several riders and somebody takes their mask off, will your picture be deleted?

    1. I would assume so. Same happens if someone in your boat on Splash Mountain takes off their shirt, no one gets the picture.

  3. I think if there is no contact with anyone elce outside, it seems like it should be fine outside. I dont actually care to have my picture taken with a mask on so guess the photographers will be just standing around if others feel this way too

  4. I’m not there. I’m glad to hear this news though.
    The rules are on trial after reopening.

  5. In fact, as a means of further enforcing this rule, guests who remove their masks on attractions will not receive their in-ride PhotoPass photos:
    Well WOOP DE DOO. They should be given the boot, without a refund. Masked by force if necessary, and trooped to the gate. What is wrong with people? Hard headed, or as grandma said “like a rock”.

  6. This sounds less like a punishment to people who take off their masks and more like a way to avoid photos of unmasked people in ride photos hitting social media and generating bad PR.

  7. I want them all just ejected from the parks. Lose your ticket/annual pass immediately

    1. No, but they will save someone else’s; be as stupid as you want, but don’t be selfish.

  8. Well, NO PHOTO is a pretty serious consequence! Especially with record-breaking 15,299 new cases in Florida today!?!

  9. LOL another reason to sit this out and wait until the financial losses force WDW to actually offer the public an enjoyable experience commensurate with ticket prices.

  10. I dont see why taking it off for the picture and putting it back on cant be done. Who is gonna want to pay for family pics with masks on (outside of 1-2 pics just to document the time we are in right now)?

  11. People should be removed from the park if not wearing an appropriate mask. They are putting everyone at risk.

  12. I totally agree with Disney punishing people who sneak taking off their masks on rides. But then again why bother taking pictures on rides or photo pass areas at all? Who’s going to pay for photos of everyone in masks?

  13. That is stupid. If I take my son to a theme park, I want pictures of his smiling happy face. Not of eyes and a stupid mask covering it everything. I’m sure disney can find a safe way for families to take pictures without masks. So, I guess amusement parks are out of the question till this stupid mask crap is over.

  14. Wow. Bummer. If I were moron enough to be maskless, I don’t think this would push me back into compliance.

  15. This is a waste of money to pay someone to delete those photos. I guess it’s good for the person is getting paid. It would be better to spend on food service. I guess they are not getting much money from PhotoPass sales this year.

  16. So if you wear your mask but someone else on the ride doesn’t, you can’t get your picture?

    1. Yes but how many Rides have lots of people? Buzz, splash, toy story would all be your party. What’s left? Tower and dinosaur? Those could be affected I suppose.

  17. What more ridiculous bs from Disney. Why should someone who takes their mask off prevent someone who adheres to the rules from receiving something that they should fairly receive? Also…why do they even care? From what I’ve gathered, every party has their own vehicle in almost every ride, so why does it matter if they take off their mask or not while on the ride? You’re with a hell of a lot less people than anywhere you could be dining or in the relaxation zones.

  18. This is ridiculous. There’s no reason why anyone should be required to wear a mask on a 2 person ride such as Buzz Lightyear. You’re sitting with someone you’re traveling with anyway. What if you’re a single rider? This type of social control is unreasonable and an overkill by WDW.

    1. It’s their park. If they said you had to wear a Santa hat then that would be the rule. Pretty basic right/practice for American companies to set rules. When you build your own park, you can ban masks. The irony would be funnier if not for the reality that many of the people who agree ideologically, won’t be around to visit. See how easy that was? Without even getting into the public health crisis or the fact that you like the other hypocritical psuedo-constitutionalists couldn’t have read the Constitution, because you certainly don’t understand it. You really think your rights supersede anyone else’s? You don’t have the right to make someone else sick against their will because of your inability to follow a rule that protects others rights. As well as your part in being an American and acting like one.

  19. $169 or $199 for pictures of you wearing a mask.

    Disney has completely lost their damn minds

  20. Well it’s good to know but would be nice to have the ride operator mention that so you don’t have somebody on like the dinosaur ride where you have more than one row or Everest that one person pulls their mask down and ruins everyone’s picture.

  21. Is there a point to a photo with a face mask covering your face? I don’t care to have any photos of myself wearing a mask! Waste of money!

  22. I regards to “actively eating and drinking” — What stops someone from doing just that while they are walking around the parks and attempting to break the rules for not wearing a mask ? I have not been to the parks since the reopening, so not sure if popcorn (and all the cart vendor treats) are still being sold at this time.

  23. Just eliminate taking the photos until this mask mess ends. I had my picture taken Friday on Dinosaur and I look ridiculous!

  24. I went on Kilimanjaro Safari and a Disney manager rode the ride without a mask the entire ride. I also saw mask-less guests being photographed by Disney photographers. While in Disney Springs, I watched a CM look directly at a man who was not wearing a mask and walked along without saying a thing. There were several guests wearing “illegal” masks just going about their day also in the Springs. On Main Street, I was taking a sip of my drink when I noticed characters above the entrance and called to my daughter who was taking a picture that characters were ahead… I went to take another sip and got called out by a CM to put my masks back up. I indicated I was drinking. She said small sips only and mask on between sips. 🤣🤣🤣 There’s definitely mask police on Main Street at least and no chugging or gulping allowed. I don’t know what to make of my experience. The worst thing that happened was a couple in line behind us on Splash Mountain kept encroaching on us. They weren’t keeping to the line markers. One coughed several times and the other was regularly blowing her nose. 😳 I got a bit anxious but stayed pleasant and politely asked her to keep to her line. I was told off most unpleasantly, was called a foul name, and to stop being a dictator. Yikes!
    It was an interesting experience though and mostly positive.

  25. I would assume that if you can afford the price of a ticket, you would comply with the rules. Otherwise, what’s the point? It’s not like you can just walk up and buy a ticket now. The process you have to buy a ticket then get a reservation…. Otherwise, who would be dumb enough to do this and waste time when you could be making fun memories and having a wonderful time with your family??

  26. What happens if your mask flies off while on the ride? Cops gonna escort .you out? This whole mask thing is so stupid.

  27. My wife and I visited Animal Kingdom today, and were appalled at people removing their masks to consume beverages in ride queues. This happened on two different rides. I asked two different Disney employees to do something about it and all three did nothing. One said they can’t stop it and one said they would refer it to their manager. This is completely unacceptable. Has Disney forgotten the reason the reasons so many thousands of families are not coming to WDW??? If you make rules don’t you think you should let your employees know what they are and how to enforce them???

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