Walt Disney World Officially Updates Face Mask Policy to Exclude Gaiters and Bandanas

Jessica Figueroa

Walt Disney World Officially Updates Face Mask Policy to Exclude Gaiters and Bandanas

Jessica Figueroa

Walt Disney World Officially Updates Face Mask Policy to Exclude Gaiters and Bandanas

Ahead of the Walt Disney World parks reopening to the public, the resort has begun to enforce its rule that guests wear traditional face masks.

Previously, neck gaiters, though not “secured with ties or ear loops” as the guidelines state, had been tolerated. Now, Face Covering guidelines have been officially updated to reflect that neck gaiters and open-chin triangle bandanas are not acceptable face coverings.

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Disney-branded face masks (with ear loops) are now being sold across property at Disney Springs, reopened DVC resorts, and at Magic Kingdom and Disney’s Animal Kingdom for Cast Member previews.

Many readers have asked us about the use of neck gaiters with ear loops, but according to the guidelines, all face coverings must fit securely under the chin and fit snugly but comfortably against the side of the face. Guests earlier this week during Annual Passholder and Cast Member reopening previews were informed that gaiters were not allowed, and encouraged to swap for traditional face masks for entry to the parks.

As we approach the official theme park reopenings, we will continue to monitor the status of face mask requirements and guidelines.

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13 thoughts on “Walt Disney World Officially Updates Face Mask Policy to Exclude Gaiters and Bandanas”

  1. Lol “at this time” is Disney speak for we need to make some to sell then they will be ok. This statement is from 3 days ago on neck gaiters:
    “The face covering that best contains respiratory droplets like those from COVID-19 is a neck-gaiter-style mask combining a nose piece with an elastic cord wearers can toggle to snug the mask to their face, according to a UW-Madison engineer.”
    Be interested to see the report from these health authorities as to why neck gaiters can’t be used at Disney but they can be used at Universal. Also they have been acceptable at Springs this entire time, guess that changes too?
    Crazy that they would want to limit their customers from tight fitting, cooling, uv blocking neck gaiters and make them wear the basic nickle masks that do not make a tight seal and can allow for droplets to enter the sides. I’m just lost with this decision by Disney, the no mask crowd probably loves this cause it makes Disney look silly.

  2. Is there any medical, scientific or social reasoning behind this? I’m using a gaiter as my main mask because I find it to conver more of my face, sit more securely and be more comfortable. If it’s not actually protecting me or others I’d like to know that.

  3. So the one mask I can wear …I can’t wear to Disney… everywhere else is fine with it..but not Disney..figures..

  4. I see so many people wearing masks incorrectly under their nose. That should be addressed as well as what kind of face masks are allowed. On top of it, how to wash hand correctly needs to be addressed. Is it 20 seconds rubbing with soap? Or 20 seconds included rinsing as well? You don’t touch handle with clean hand after hand washing etc.

    • Hopefully the paper towel dispenser is hands free.Use it to turn the water on and off and dispense soap, if that’s not HF. If it’s waterless soap, then rub away until you build up a good lather, keep it up for 30 seconds! Then rinse with the water as hot as you can stand it.

  5. I bet what they’re really concerned about is their facial recognition software being useful now that everyone’s face is covered. If they’re really concerned about health they should make sure face coverings really are covering faces. I see a lot of folks with noses out, or with the mask hanging around their neck.

  6. The virus particles are 1000 times smaller than the pores in the mask. The food in the restaurants might be loaded with virus and I can attest that more than half of men walk out if public restrooms without washing their hands for one second. If you want to stay safe you should stay home.

  7. Masks stink and they should be Illigeal you could die from them more quickly than from Covid… Get a brain disney

  8. So stupid, bandanas and gaithers are just as effective or ineffective! Whichever way you look at it!

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