Disney’s Magical Express Luggage Delivery Service at Orlando International Airport Suspended Beginning July 16th

The return of Disney’s Magical Express has come with some changes. Sadly, one of the casualties of these changes is the suspension of the Resort Airline Check-In service, previously announced to return on July 12th. Furthermore, luggage delivery at Orlando International Airport is suspended beginning July 16th.

From Walt Disney World’s website:

Complimentary airport transportation via Disney’s Magical Express service for Guests arriving and departing from Orlando International Airport is continuing to operate during this period, with some modifications. Beginning July 16, 2020 Disney’s Magical Express service will not be providing luggage delivery service for those arriving to and departing from the airport.

Guests who choose to use Disney’s Magical Express service will be responsible for picking up any of their checked luggage from the airport’s baggage claim area, so that it can be loaded onto the motorcoach to their Disney Resort hotel. Please know that your luggage will travel with you to your Disney Resort hotel.

Luggage assistance will be available at the front of your Disney Resort hotel, including luggage storage and/or transport to the room.

Upon your departure, please ensure your luggage is with you and is loaded onto the motorcoach, so you can check it in with your airline once you reach the airport. The resort airline check-in service will not be offered at this time.

Many airlines have modified their flight schedules, so please confirm your flight information. If you plan to use Disney’s Magical Express service, contact your room reservation booking agent, or call (407) 939-1936 to make any updates to your flight information on file.

Keep reading WDWNT for continuing coverage of the changes happening at the Walt Disney World Resort.

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Steven Williams
Steven Williams
28 days ago

This is so stupid. That is one of the biggest benefits of magical express. Many times we get right off the ME and head to a park. Now we have to take our bags to our room. I only hope this was done because the ME busses are going to be low capacity and there is lots of room in the bottom of the bus for luggage and not something to do with Wuhan virus.

28 days ago

I’m not a fan of their luggage service, next time I go, I will not be putting the luggage tags on my luggage. They took 3 hours to have my bags ready for pickup after I checked in to my room at AoA. I ultimately had to go down to the luggage area and pick up my own bags. No tears shed here. I will manually stow my luggage in the bus cargo hold myself going forward.

More Beverly Please
More Beverly Please
28 days ago

Wow this is eliminating a huge benefit of staying on property. What a disappointment.

28 days ago

Well, that’s good. Time to spend at the parks is already limited, why not spend an extra hour waiting to pick up luggage and then waiting in line for the motorcoach? We’re certainly getting what we’re paying for, aren’t we?

19 days ago

So now it will cost me another 100 dollar for this luggage service being suspended. I send my technicians out to Orlando to fix signs and once the project is done they used to spend the day at Disney,. After they are done with Disney they used to hop in a uber and straight to the airport. I guess they have to carry luggage everywhere they go.
We all gonna miss that wonderful service.

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