PHOTO REPORT: Disneyland Resort 8/1/20 (Weekend Crowds, Extended Dining Area at Tortilla Jo’s, Disposable Face Masks at Temperature Screenings, and More!)


Disneyland Monorail Station

PHOTO REPORT: Disneyland Resort 8/1/20 (Weekend Crowds, Extended Dining Area at Tortilla Jo’s, Disposable Face Masks at Temperature Screenings, and More!)

It’s a hot sunny day in Anaheim, and Downtown Disney feels like its getting more and more crowded every day! Join us in checking out the weekend crowds, the extended dining area at Tortilla Jo’s, disposable face masks at temperature screenings, and more!

Downtown DIsney Parking

Over the past few days, parking hasn’t been the most straightforward situation. Immense crowds result in the parking lot not allowing any guests in for a period of time. This only leaves cars circling Disneyland Resort until the lot re-opens. Luckily, around 3 pm today, we were able to pull into the Simba lot, but we did sit stalled for about 15 minutes. Cars slowly filtered in as able to.

Downtown Disney Disposable mask

Cast Members at temperature screenings offer disposable face masks in Disneyland envelopes if guests need a face-covering that follows the Disneyland Resort protocol.

Downtown Disney Security

Breezed through temperature screenings!

WonderGround Gallery

The Ink & Paint merchandise line is now available at WonderGround Gallery.

Marcelines Downtown Disney

Marceline’s Confectionery had about a 30 minute wait.

Downtown Disney 8/2020

As the temperatures rose in Southern California this weekend, guests were looking for any bit of shade they could find.

Downtown Disney 8/2020

Crowds were very high today compared to how they have been over the past two weeks. It felt like a Saturday at Downtown Disney with the parks open.

Downtown Disney 8/2020

To enter the virtual queue for World of Disney, you must first wait in line to give a Cast Member your information. Umbrellas were placed right outside the tram loading station to give shade to Cast Members and guests waiting in the sun.

Downtown Disney 8/2020

With La Brea Bakery still being closed, a few of their umbrellas were placed in the Esplanade to offer some extra shade.

Downtown Disney 8/2020

Once texted, we made our way to the regular outdoor queue.

Downtown Disney pressed pennies 8/2020

If you want to bring home something small from your trip to Downtown Disney, there is a pressed penny machine located inside the World of Disney.

Downtown Disney pressed pennies 8/2020

The three options are Pooh, Dumbo, and Pinocchio, hanging out next to the Disneyland Resort logo.

disneyland hotel merchandise

New “The Happiest Stay on Earth” Disneyland Hotel merchandise has made its way over to World of Disney!

Disneyland Esplanade

Always nice to see Main Street Station.

Downtown Disney 8/2020

The restrooms to the left of the Disney California Adventure entrance were closed for deep cleaning.

Downtown Disney 8/2020

Many Cast Members have been seen wearing a light blue mask with whimsical stars and clouds.

California Sole DTD

The newly opened California Sole had no wait today.

DTD Salt and Straw

Many guests were enjoying ice cream from Salt & Straw.

Downtown Disney 8/2020
Tortilla Jos Downtown Disney

Tortilla Jo’s was very busy today, but they continue to distance tables.

Tortilla Jos Downtown Disney

They extended seating into the Taqueria, which remains closed.

Tortilla Jos Downtown Disney
Disneyland Monorail Station

The monorail station offered us some much needed shade today.

Cast Member cleaning DTD

Custodial Cast Members can be seen cleaning lots around Downtown Disney. Don’t forget to thank them!

Disneyland Hotel

On the way out we were able to peek into the Disneyland Hotel area.

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  1. No one is going to bring their own mask, because they can get a “I’m the first one to have it-I’m saving this so I can put it on eBay” mask that the park will give them. We have had to wear masks for a long time. Why are they rewarding people who don’t bring a mask with them when they know it’s a requirement? Have a stand with masks for sale right by security.

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