PHOTO REPORT: Disney’s Hollywood Studios 8/10/20 (Long Lines, New Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster Merchandise, Face Mask Porg Leads By Example, and More)

Bright Suns from Disney’s Hollywood Studios! It was a sweltering hot day today, but take us out to this classic park, and nothing can stop us now! We found some interesting things here today, so let’s get started.

First off, despite getting to the entrance to the paring lot several minutes before 9am, cars had already been allowed to line up at the parking booths seemingly at least several minutes before, and there were at least 10 cars ahead of us in each line. We were quite surprised by this change in routine, and a little disappointed to lose our usual spot towards the front of the queue. The parking booth Cast Members are amazingly fast at their work though, and once cars were let allowed in to the lot, we were through the parking gate, parked and walking toward the temperature check within 10 minutes.

Walking down Hollywood Boulevard first thing in the morning can get a little crowded, but usually everyone does a good job of social distancing. Most families or groups have a destination in mind, and are hurrying off to “rope drop” a certain attraction first thing in the morning.

When you get to the end of Hollywood Boulevard, Cast Members are standing by with directional signs ready to guide you on your way to your first ride of the day.

Many guests chose to ride Disney’s Hollywood Studio’s newest attraction, Mickey & Minnie’s Runaway Railway, first thing this morning. Before the park officially opened at 10am this morning, the ride was already at a 70 minute wait, and guests were filling this outdoor queue area to the right of the Chinese Theatre.

Over at the Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster, guests joined the line very quickly, before the Cast Members had a chance the guide the line through the socially distanced queue set up in front of the attraction. Without the markers on the ground, guests kept some distance in between parties, but not as much as suggested. Shortly after this line formed, Cast Members redirected it through the set up area, and parties were able to properly distance themselves with the help of the guides.

At Rock Around The Shop, we found some new Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster merchandise, including this fun hat. For more pictures and information on the full collection, see our article here.

At Legends of Hollywood, we found one of the latest Dress Shop dresses newly displayed on a mannequin, showing off all its polka-dotted glory. We love seeing these brand new dresses displayed so nicely.

With Park Passes sold out today, and every day for almost the next month for Disney’s Hollywood Studios, the park was busy, and lines were a common sight. At the Black Spire Outpost Marketplace, a line had formed to enter the Market, where each stall is limited to one party at a time to shop. Thankfully this line, like most of the lines in the park, moved pretty quickly.

While the park was busy today, even the most popular of attractions had a reasonable wait time. Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run was a 40 minute wait around midday today.

As is the case across all of the parks, several of the major stores in Disney’s Hollywood Studios are still closed. We took a peek in to the windows of Keystone Clothiers today, which is closed and seems to have been partially stripped of stock in favor of other open locations.

While we were out and about today, we met this handsome fellow. This is Sunny. He was keeping himself and others safe by abiding by the mask rules. We were very impressed by his and his friend’s dedication.

We also got to see some friends from afar, like Edna Mode as she drove by in the Pixar Motorcade.

As always, we kept a close eye on boarding group distribution to bring you the latest news. The first batch went as usual, available right at 10:00am, and gone within about 10 seconds. The second batch at 2pm took several seconds to show up for us, and when it did finally appear, lasted longer than we expected, about 12 seconds. Thankfully, the wait time for the ride itself is also short, with the time in line averaging about 12 minutes over the last few times we’ve experienced the attraction.

There was a bit of a hiccup today that we got to experience first-hand, as our R5 droid, who is mounted to the front of the ride vehicle, became stuck in the “up” position shortly after the ride began. This has been an ongoing issue with the R5 droids on Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance for the past several days. They’re trying their best to rescue all those Resistance fighters, but we hope they get repaired soon!

On our way out, we got to see the main mouse himself, Mickey Mouse in the Mickey & Friends Motorcade. What a wonderful way to end the day. We had a great day at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, we hope you enjoyed coming along with us. Have a magical day!

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1 month ago

Any idea why the railroad was already at 70 minutes right when the park opened? How does that happen?

Tom Corless
1 month ago
Reply to  Melissa

They pre-load the queue before official opening

1 month ago
Reply to  Tom Corless

Oh wow. Had no idea…Thank you!

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