PHOTO REPORT: Magic Kingdom 8/28/20 (New Dress Shop Dress, Construction Updates, Sketchbook Ornaments Arrive, Halloween Food Sneak Peek, and More)

Hello again, from a magically exciting day at the Magic Kingdom! What started out as a quiet day, quickly turned into something to write home about. Let’s get started!

We came into the park hoping to find some fun new Halloween items, and this dress is just the thing to get us in the holiday spirit. This is the new Oogie Boogie dress from The Dress Shop and we have to say, these dresses recently just keep getting better and better!

We passed through Cinderella Castle and stopped to listen to the Ugly Stepsisters banter back and forth with guests for a bit. If you get the opportunity to see them, definitely take a few moments to listen to them “judge people from afar,” which they apparently learned to do from their cat, Lucifer. They are quite the pair, and always on the lookout for a handsome prince!

Mid-morning crowds in Fantasyland were surprisingly low, given that this is usually a very busy area. Peter Pan’s Flight and “it’s a small world” had wait times around 20 minutes, and their interior queues were fairly full.

On our way through Liberty Square we were struck with how quiet it was, and then saw why—the Liberty Square Riverboat is gone for refurbishment from August 24-30, 2020. It seems no matter how many times we hear that whistle, it still catches us off guard with how loud it is. As much as we miss the Liberty Belle, we have to admit, we don’t miss the whistle.

We stopped in at the construction site of TRON Lightcycle Run for an update and found it bustling with activity. These canopy pieces are growing by the day, we can’t believe how fast things are progressing.

On our way into the park, we checked in on another construction project, the new resort boat launch. It looks like some concrete work has been done recently, and progress is being made around this area at a fast rate.

Switching gears from construction to merchandise, we found the long-awaited new 2020 series Sketchbook ornaments, all freshly stocked at Ye Olde Christmas Shoppe.

Our favorite ornament this year is this one featuring Yzma and Kronk from Emporer’s New Groove in a menacing ride vehicle. Pull the lever, Kronk!

We spotted a photoshoot on the Hub and nearly died of excitement when we saw that they were photographing some of this year’s Halloween treats!

We got a sneak peek as the Chef prepped the food for its close up. We can’t wait to try that burger!

The star of the photoshoot was the Madame Leota sipper, which we were thrilled to get a glimpse of. She looks amazing! For a full look at all the Halloween themed treats coming to the parks, see our full article here.

With the lower crowd levels in the parks, we’re lucky enough to get moments like this, where we can walk right up and see the Princess Processional come down Main Street, U.S.A, with a shining Cinderella Castle in the background. We love waving hello to all the characters!

On our way out of the park, we noticed that Mickey’s Gift Station has had its windows covered in black plastic. The shop did not reopen with the park, and was stripped of most of its stock in the following weeks. It seems we won’t be visiting this store any time soon.

We had a wonderful day at the Magic Kingdom, and hope you enjoyed coming along with us. Have a magical day!

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  1. I wish my wife and I could be there with you on these wonderful explorations. Even with the somewhat sad flavor of the low crowds and smile-covering masks it’s a wonderful place to be happy.

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