PHOTOS: Broken Rope Bridge Now Closed Off in The Oasis Exhibits at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

While strolling through The Oasis Exhibits at Disney’s Animal Kingdom, we noticed that this rope bridge was closed off.

The bridge has been roped off on both ends.

After a closer look, we noticed that some of the boards seem to be breaking.

The boards that seem to be raised slightly could be coming loose and at the very least would be a tripping hazard. It’s possible that the structural integrity of the bridge is also compromised.

We checked the other side of the bridge as well.

The dark spots on the bridge are just from the nearby waterfall that sometimes splashes the bridge.

You can see the raised and loose boards better in the photo above.

If you’re going to be visiting Disney’s Animal Kingdom, make sure to check out our complete guide to the park’s reopening.

The Oasis Exhibits are hidden just beyond the entrance of Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Did you visit them on your last Disney trip?

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6 months ago

Haven’t they blocked off most surfaces in the park that people would commonly touch with their hands? A rope bridge that people constantly walk through holding on to the sides seems like it could just be something they removed access to because of the pandemic.

Tom Corless
6 months ago
Reply to  Gilboxghost

It was open, it’s not one people swing on, also most people don’t know it’s there. It is most certainly broken.