PHOTOS: Metal Framework Added to Entrance Area as Construction Continues on Future M&M’s Store at Disney Springs

Over the past few months, we’ve been watching the progress of the future M&M’s Store at Disney Springs. Since our last update, we’ve noticed more work has been done on the building’s facade. Let’s check it out.

In a rather large change since our last visit, we noticed new framework had been installed for the facade.

The last time we were here, it was a bare, concrete storefront. Now beams and supports and have been added.

A close up of the framework going up around the store’s future entrance.

With the extension of the building removed and the new framework in place, we can start to get a sense of how the exterior of the storefront should look. Which, from the concept art above, we can see should feature fun photo-ops and colorful M&Ms decorating the building.

With a proposed opening date on Thanksgiving 2020, it appears that the M&M’s Store is well on its way to making that deadline. We’ll keep you updated on this sweet new addition to Disney Springs.