REVIEW: The “Shark Attack” Frappuccino Returns to Starbucks with a Vengeance at Disney Springs

It’s Shark Week, and everyone’s getting in the “holiday” spirit—even the baristas. The old “Shark Attack” Frappuccino is back at Starbucks, so we decided to give it another try. When our order was ready, the barista rang the bell and yelled, “Oh my God, get out of the water!” We’re gonna need a bigger cup.

Starbuck coffee shark attack 2

This drink is a fun pink Frappuccino, with a cookie shark fin on top. It’s coming right for us!

Starbucks coffee shark attack sign

The description says it’s a Strawberries & Creme Frappuccino with blueberries and a Confetti Cookie blended in. Half of the cookie gets blended into the drink, with the other half floating on top of the drink.

Starbuck coffee shark attack side

We loved this drink! The strawberries and creme base was very nice, smooth, and sweet without being overpowering. You could definitely taste the blended-in blueberries, but they meshed well with the other flavors.

Starbuck coffee shark attack cookie 1

The confetti cookie, which was both blended in and used as the shark fin, had us torn. We loved the cookie itself. It was soft, but also broke apart well, like it had a good shortbread cookie dough base. It was flavorful, and tasted a lot like birthday cake, but also had a delicious lemon note, which not only came through in the cookie, but translated into the drink as well. It was coated in a thin, hard icing.

Starbuck coffee shark attack cookie 2

What had us torn was the act of blending the cookie in to the drink hardened up the cookie crumbles a bit in the cold drink, and the texture of the harder crumbles was not pleasant in the drink. They weren’t small enough to sip on, or large enough to be chewed.

Starbuck coffee shark attack cookie 3

The cookie was definitely a winner on its own, we recommend pulling the fin out before it gets too soggy to do so and enjoying it while you can. The fin is a generous portion of cookie.

Starbuck coffee shark attack lid off

We really enjoyed this drink, and found that while we did have an issue with the texture differences at first, the flavors more than made up for it. We were disappointed however in the deviation from the original advertised drink, which seemed to have a red syrup swirl mimicking blood in the water. We reviewed this drink back in 2018, and it certainly had a different look back then. This year’s version seems to have been toned down quite a bit.

Starbuck coffee shark attack featured image

You can find this drink at Starbucks Coffee located in Disney Springs. Shark Attack is only available in one size, and costs $10.70 including tax.