VIDEO: R5 Droid Haggles with Finn, Fights Over Doors, and Resistance Radio Chatter Fills Minutes of Time During Pauses in Movement on Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance

Your vehicle coming to a stop on Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance in Disney’s Hollywood Studios isn’t uncommon, but while you might feel the end of your journey may be near thanks to a common breakdown of the ride, sometimes you may experience some moments that not every guest gets to.

This evening during our ride, we got stopped several times towards the end portion of the attraction. The ride wasn’t broken, but some slowdown in the unload area did lead to some lengthy stoppages, but to our surprise, MINUTES of dialogue over the transport’s speakers and fun interactions from the R5 unit mounted on our vehicle kept us wildly entertained:

As you watch throughout the video, you’ll notice our R5 Unit has a few conversations with Finn, from figuring out how to open the doors on our escape pod, to haggling for better compensation now that he has delivered us safely. Radio chatter also comes over the speaker, providing fun developments that enhance the story of the ride. My personal favorite moment is when it announces that two more escape pods have crashed on Batuu just moments before two more vehicles pull behind us. This is a incredible and fun touch.

We’ve never been stuck in these scenes long enough for these show elements to fully play out, and while no one enjoys experiencing a technical difficulty, we thought these elements made to entertain guests while they’re holding for further clearance are incredibly thoughtful.

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