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Governor DeSantis Moves Florida Into “Phase 3” of Reopening

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis signed an executive order today to removing all statewide restrictions. Though he said that this is “Phase 3” of the reopening process, “Phase 3” would technically still restrict businesses to operating at a maximum of 75% capacity.

With the lifting of statewide restrictions, bars and restaurants may now operate at whatever capacity they want. There will no longer be statewide fines or fees for restrictions like not wearing a mask.

Local governments can still limit and regulate businesses, but won’t be able to close businesses because of COVID-19 concerns. Private businesses, including Walt Disney World and Universal Studios Florida, can still operate with their own restrictions, including capacity limitations. DeSantis commented yesterday that he supported Disney Parks “going to a greater capacity.”

  1. Won’t go to Disney anymore now if they take away mandated masks and have ridiculous wait times! Florida Covid is going up again!

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