PHOTO REPORT: Disney’s Hollywood Studios 9/7/20 (Labor Day Crowds, New Baby Yoda Shirt, Rise of the Resistance, Character Cavalcades, and More)

Kevin Lake

Slinky Dog Dash Wait Time with Cast Members

PHOTO REPORT: Disney’s Hollywood Studios 9/7/20 (Labor Day Crowds, New Baby Yoda Shirt, Rise of the Resistance, Character Cavalcades, and More)

Kevin Lake

Slinky Dog Dash Wait Time with Cast Members

PHOTO REPORT: Disney’s Hollywood Studios 9/7/20 (Labor Day Crowds, New Baby Yoda Shirt, Rise of the Resistance, Character Cavalcades, and More)

Happy Labor Day from Disney’s Hollywood Studios! We’ve been following the happenings at all of the Walt Disney World parks over the long weekend, and the holiday is finally upon us. We’ve been seeing bigger crowds, longer lines, and other changes throughout the weekend — let’s see what the holiday itself has in store for us.


Upon first entering the park, there was a steady influx of guests who all battled to be some of the first into the park. Thankfully, the entrance process at Disney’s Hollywood Studios has improved recently, and the processes of parking, temperature checks, and security were all relatively smooth.


A small chunk of those guests getting into the park early headed straight for Starbucks, stretching the line back to Legends of Hollywood (with its lovely new neon).


A much larger portion of guests beelined it to Mickey & Minnie’s Runaway Railway. Before the parks official opening time of 10:00am, the line was already sitting at 90 minutes.


Those long lines aren’t for us, so we popped into Mickey’s of Hollywood to see what was new. Sure enough, this Baby Yoda “I’m The Favorite Child” shirt had made an appearance in the store. The shirt can be yours for $29.99.


At this point we headed over to Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, and with most guests heading straight to the rather limited number of attractions in the park, Batuu was relatively quiet.


While waits for Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run got as high as 70 minutes today, it wasn’t so bad in the morning.


We did notice a bit of a change within Galaxy’s Edge today — the Coca-Cola droid carts are no longer serving beer alongside the soft drinks. While Blue Point Brewery Gold Squadron Lager had joined the soda lineup a few backs back, the reason for the removal of the adult beverage was an interesting one.


No, the reason for the removal of the beer wasn’t because “the Stormtroopers said so.”


Since we were already in Disney’s Hollywood Studios today, we took the opportunity to see how Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance was performing. Ever since the attraction was hit by lightning about a month ago, some strange technical issues have occurred (or the ride simply hasn’t opened). BB-8 performed flawlessly today, for his part.


The hangar full of Stormtroopers doesn’t ‘do’ a whole lot, but it certainly worked as intended for setting the stage for the ride itself.


Inside, the Cast Members were certainly on point as well. This one inquired, “Where is Pizza Planet? Is that where your base is?” Well played.


Yes R5, you too did an excellent job today. While the droids have experienced some problems recently, it seems the Resistance has again re-programmed them to assist us.


The AT-AT room was also going strong, including the audio, which also had some malfunctions recently.


This Kylo Ren guy didn’t seem to like us much, so we headed back to Batuu as quickly and recklessly as possible to get away from him.


At this point we headed to the safety of Sunset Boulevard, where we don’t have to be concerned with rogue lightning bolts causing any weird things on attractions. Nope, no worries here.


Inside Once Upon a Time, we found a couple colorful additions to the apparel line which brings back fond memories of Saved by the Bell. Today saw the arrival of this hoodie and t-shirt, both of the cropped variety.


Nearby, The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror had a modest 45 minute wait, when compared with some of the other headlining attractions in the park.


This line for Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster Starring Aerosmith was advertised as 40 minutes, but we suspect it was a bit longer considering the queue ran nearly back to Sunset Boulevard.


In Toy Story Land, Slinky Dog Dash seems to perpetually have a wait of roughly an hour, so today maintained that status quo.


Unfortunately, Roundup Rodeo BBQ has also been consistent as of late, though in its case that consistency has been in the lack of visible progress since land was cleared for its entrance.


We had no shortage of encounters with characters as part of Disney’s Hollywood Studios’ character cavalcades. Mr. Incredible, Green Army Men, and Buzz Lightyear all graced us with their presence in this particular one.


Later, some of our Disney favorites strolled through, including Chip & Dale, Mickey & Minnie Mouse, and Pluto (notably not riding in the trunk).


As the afternoon wore on, crowds started to thin in some areas of the park. Outside of the Chinese Theater, the courtyard was fairly quiet.


To some extent, this may have been a result of Mickey & Minnie’s Runaway Railway experiencing some downtime. In a strange turn of events, Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance seemed to be more reliable than the centerpiece attraction today.


Make no mistake, there was still a constant flow of guests throughout the park. Labor Day Weekend certainly gave us some of the largest crowds and longest waits that have been seen since the parks reopened in July.


Finally, on our way out, we checked into The Darkroom and noticed one lone Chuuby MagicBand remaining. We’re confident this was scooped up before the end of the day, though.

Thank you for joining us in our adventures around Hollywood, and we hope you’ve had a fun and safe holiday weekend. What do you think of the crowd levels and wait times over the last few days at the Walt Disney World parks? Share your reactions with us in the comments!

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