Coca-Cola Asks Disney to Remove Gold Squadron Lager Beer from Coke-Branded Droid Carts in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge

Just weeks after it arrived, beer is no longer available from the Coca-Cola droid carts in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.


The Blue Point Brewery Gold Squadron Lager was available at select carts beginning in mid-August, having previously been exclusive to Oga’s Cantina.


According to Cast Members in the land, the change came after The Coca-Cola Company was reportedly upset that other non-Coca-Cola products were being sold at the carts. (It could well be that Coca-Cola funded or purchased these carts as part of a sponsorship deal.) Currently, guests can purchase themed bottles of Coca-Cola, Diet Coke, Sprite, and Dasani at the carts.


Beer is still available at the kiosk across from the Milk Stand. The tap, which matches the worn look of the area, can still be seen in the corner, along with signage advertising the beer.


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7 thoughts on “Coca-Cola Asks Disney to Remove Gold Squadron Lager Beer from Coke-Branded Droid Carts in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge”

  1. Walt told the Saturday Evening Post in 1956: ” No liquor, no beer, nothing. Because that brings in a rowdy element. That brings people that we don’t want, and I feel they don’t need it. He was against alcohol at his park.
    Everyone who wants it is going against Walt’s wishes is that what you want. There has already guests being arrested in the parks because of it. Do you want little ones seeing drunks!

    • I don’t think it’s a wise decision for businesses to cling to 1950’s business plans. For every one incident involving alcohol @ WDW there are literally millions of transactions where someone enjoyed a $14 beer responsibly.

      I personally want to see alcohol expanded as my traveling party can handle our booze. I feel like 99% of other traveling parties can too. And from what I’ve seen….especially weekends at F&W, Disney is pretty quick to step in if someone has been over served.

      As the anti-maskers say….you can’t live your live in fear (so have a beer)!

    • I agree. Not just because Walt Disney had that vision, but because there are a number of children who live with alcoholic parents. Disney World and Disneyland should be a place where they don’t need to live in fear that their parent(s) will get drunk/abusive. It should be a place where kids feel safe and are able to enjoy a beautiful time with their families. If an adult wants to take a break and imbibe, there are any number of lounges/bars in the hotels around the park with monorail access.

  2. Well that was quick, but not unexpected. I can see Coca Cola not wanting non- Coke products or alcohol sold at branded carts. The aircraft joystick for the tap handle fits well with the spaceport theme.

  3. I had thought of something what if a guest got drunk on property and a fight broke out or something else and another guest not involved or heaven forbid a little one got hurt or killed. Just think of all the lawsuits over many times it might happen that would be filed against Disney could possibly get into the thousands what would Disney do then?
    On another subject with all the Castmembers not working now and was living from paycheck to paycheck is the Disney Co. helping them get things like food for them & their families? If Walt was here they would because he took personal responsibility for them is anyone in charge doing that now?

  4. I used to work Outdoor Vending at Disneyland. We sold Coca-Cola products (Coca-Cola, Diet Coke, and Sprite), plus Arrowhead Water on our Coca-Cola carts.

    Coca-Cola was NOT happy about us selling a competitor’s product on their cart (Arrowhead is bottled by Nestle, who was our ice cream sponsor, but the carts had the Coca-Cola logo on them and were provided to us by the Coca-Cola Company), and we had to switch to Dasani water, which is bottled by Coca-Cola.

    This is nothing new; it’s just the result of new management not having any idea of what has come to pass before their time. I personally prefer Arrowhead (Dasani doesn’t suck and I am okay with drinking it), but from Coca-Cola’s perspective, I can see that their demand was legit. Why sell Nestle products out of a Coca-Cola-themed cart? If Coca-Cola made a beer (I don’t know that they do), I’m sure they’d be okay with their own beer being available, but another company’s beverage being sold on a Coca-Cola branded cart? I get why Coke has a problem with that.

    Let’s put it this way: if you own a convenience store, and have a standalone fridge labeled Coca-Cola, which Coca-Cola PROVIDED to you with no charge, does Coca-Cola want someone stocking it with Pepsi? When Coca-Cola provides the equipment, you can’t sell other companies’ things out of it. Get a separate fridge provided by Pepsi (at no charge — this is how marketing works sometimes) to sell their products out of if you want to carry both, or provide your own refrigeration units at your own cost so you can put whatever you want into them.

    (I’m not saying the Gold Squadron Lager is made by Pepsi; I just use Pepsi as an illustration).

    Just a point of view from someone who has seen several fights like this, and gets that if the vendor provides and maintains the equipment, they have a say as to what is sold from that equipment).

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