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Disney Springs Currently at Capacity; Parking Garages Closed

UPDATE: According to a post on Twitter, it appears that the Orange Garage may be opening to guests to try and help the traffic situation.

Despite Walt Disney World park hours being extended for this weekend, it seems many guests have been flocking to Disney Springs this evening, causing it to reach capacity as early as 7:00 PM. Due to capacity issues, it appears the parking garages have also closed, causing confusion and frustration amongst guests.

In one tweet, @WDWpedia posts a picture of the area surrounded in traffic with the signage for Disney Springs above, which is labeled “at capacity.”

Others have tweeted that many have tried to park in the Lime Garage, only to have to back out and leave, as the garage doesn’t have signage saying not to park there, and no Cast Members are present to direct guests.

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  1. Great article. I was at Epcot last Tuesday. No one was there when we arrived around noon. We noticed many people pouring in around 4ish. Since there are not many restaurants open in Epcot, we decided to go eat dinner at Disney Springs that day. DS was PACKED. It was very hard to get a reservation. Parking was not terrible though. It was a bit hard to walk around and abide by the 6 feet rule. I thought that was weird for a Tuesday. I have been to DS before COVID during the middle of the week many times. It was not that bad. I think people are itching to get out. I recommend going into the parks, not DS.

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