PHOTOS: Long Wait Times and Peak Weekday Crowds at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Wait times at Disney’s Hollywood Studios today were nearing their pre-COVID lengths. We checked on most attractions in the morning to see how long the lines were.


Tower of Terror was at a 20 minute wait when we first walked up, but jumped to 45 minutes soon after.


The queue ran down one side of Sunset Boulevard.


It went in and out of the Fantasmic! amphitheater.


The Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster line ran down the other side of the street.


Meanwhile, Star Tours was at a 60 minute wait.


The long lines continued in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. There was a long line for Dok-Ondar’s Den of Antiquities.


There was a line to get into the market, although there was no exact wait time provided.

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Cast Members at Savi’s Workshop, which recently reopened their build-your-own-lightsaber experience, told us reservations for the day were full.


Rise of the Resistance was boarding groups 1 through 14.


Millennium Falcon: Smuggler’s Run was at an 80 minute wait and the line ran through much of Galaxy’s Edge.


In Toy Story Land, the Slinky Dog Dash line was an 80 minute wait and actually snaked out of the land.


Toy Story Mania had a 50 minute wait.


Alien Swirling Saucers had a 40 minute wait.


Finally, Mickey & Minnie’s Runaway Railway had a 105 minute wait.

With these wait times, Disney’s Hollywood Studios might be returning to “normal” for better or worse. Have you visited the park since it reopened? Let us know the longest you had to wait for a ride in the comments below.

  1. Mickeys runaway said 105 but we only waited 40. I feel like the lines all said double what they were to account for social distance. But you couldn’t walk without being on top of people and no dining options to speak of. What there was you had to mobile order and stand around (not distanced) to get your food and go sit. Rise kept locking people out that originally had pass ( like us). Gone in 1 second. Worse today then ever. Wouldn’t waste your time.

  2. With having gone to Studios Sunday and Monday, none of those wait times seemed accurate.Not sure if it was just luck of the draw, but MMRR states 95 and 105, waited 45 and 65 minutes. Smugglers Run said 65 and 10, waited 45 and the 10 was accurate. Rise was a walk on with boarding groups, Slinky and Mania werent accurate either. Seems as the wait is a suggestion and not really 90-100% accurate

  3. Whew! I got there in time. I was at the parks last week and the lines were all short except for Hollywood studios. The longest line there was for Mickey and Minnie at 90 minutes. At AK the lines were really short with the longest wait being River Journey at half an hour. But that’s okay as I was able to ride Flight 5 times, Everest 3 times and Dinosaur twice. At Epcot everything was no longer than a 20 minute wait. And at MK every ride was 30 minutes or less. And with all the parks the lines got shorter as the day went on.

  4. Visited Hollywood Studios today & to day it was crowded is an understatement. Overall the cast members handled it well. Started at the skyliner at pop. If you were in line waiting to get on my skyliner by 8:00am for the skyliner to open at 9:00 then don’t plan on making it to the park before 10:00. Lines constantly moved but were SUPER long. Made it to the park by 9:40am via skyliner. Attempted to get a rise boarding pass & they were out in less than 5 seconds per a cast member that we talked to today. Same thing happened at 2:00pm. Went to get in line as soon as we got into the park for Minnie & Mickey’s runaway & was turned away bc they stated it reached social distancing capacity only for them to open it back up and pure chaos and everyone dashing to get in line. Most wait times looked long but we never waited the actual posted wait time with the exception of smugglers run. We are annual pass holders so we will be back but there needs to be more food options, changes to get more guests on rides, etc. if they are going to let that many people into the parks. Good day but BUSYYYY!

  5. I unfortunately was there today and it was absolutely insane with crowds and waits. While the actual wait times were much shorter than advertised, it felt busier than it’s ever been in my 20+ years of coming to Disney this time of year.

  6. Was there last Monday, railway was 120 minutes. I gave up after only riding 3 rides all day. It was worse than my Feb Sunday visit.

  7. Even at “limited capacity”, on a weekday, in the third week of September, the wait times are that long? Even worse, the lines snake all over the streets (a necessary evil as it were, but still not as “magical” looking).

    I was really grateful that I let my annual pass expire last year, since my health problems would have prevented me from visiting this year anyway. Now, with the current crowds, lines, and wait times being enough to discourage me from visiting, it looks like I might never get a pass again. It’s only going to get worse (for me) from here.

    Congratulations to Josh D’Amaro and George before him, as you continue to push away local passholders. You’ve lost another one. Long may you reign over Walt’s dream of creating an overpriced elitist experience for the 1%.

    With some 36,000 rooms as of now, I still believe that, in my lifetime (I’m 51), WDW will eventually be closed to everyone but those staying on site. They don’t care about passholders or day visitors, because they just aren’t as profitable.

  8. The lines continued the rest of the day. The wait times were averaging two to three times longer than last month. Magic Kingdom was no better the following day. With no benefits for hotel quests, these wait times are not encouraging staying at Disney hotels.

  9. We were there yesterday. This is 100%. Very difficult to maneuver. A lot of down time with not much to do. And much like the other parks finding food and where to sit and eat was a real challenge.

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