PHOTOS: NEW Splash Mountain Towel at the Magic Kingdom

If you find yourself soaked after a trip through the briar patch, then don’t worry, there’s a new Splash Mountain towel for you to dry yourself off.


This towel has all the classic characters from Splash Mountain, with Br’er Fox and Br’er Bear falling down the waterfall as Br’er Rabbit laughs.


The blue background of the towel actually looks like wood finish.


We found these towels at Splashdown Photos for $26.99, so you don’t have to go far if you need to dry off. If you would rather embrace the Splash Mountain lifestyle, then you can pick up an “I Brer’ly Got Wet” shirt.

Are you collecting as much Splash Mountain merchandise as you can?

5 thoughts on “PHOTOS: NEW Splash Mountain Towel at the Magic Kingdom”

  1. I really want one of these but considering I’ve already seen three separate”personal shoppers” online today selling them I doubt there will be any left by time I go in three weeks.

  2. Wish I could be there to get it. The ebay prices on the same stuff is outrageous. Disney needs merchandise purchase limits on Splash stuff

  3. So they are re-imaging the ride because its now deemed offensive but let’s pump out more merch because people love the original and disney cant pass up a buck. Disney is really having some issues because of their woke agenda Mulan is a complete disaster, Star Wars and Lucas films is in complete turmoil, Galaxy’s Edge is not doing well because of Kathleen Kennedy who is a pure nightmare fuel and kets not forget their Brie Larson problem. Disney has completely lost touch with a huge part of their fan base!

  4. Shameful how Disney bows down to pressure to take away such a happy and joyful ride…what’s next? Taking certain Presidents out of the Hall of Presidents? Redoing Pirates of the Caribbean? Disney turning a happy place into a political place….they will alienate their most loyal followers.
    But Disney has no problem showing a polarizing “Black is King” (Disney+) by a person who has glorified the radical Black Panthers…. I’ve had it…sold my stock… didn’t renew annual pass… dropped Disney+……wake up Disney… you’re losing us

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