PHOTOS, VIDEO: Tour a Water View Room at Disney’s Yacht Club Resort

Charly Shelton

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PHOTOS, VIDEO: Tour a Water View Room at Disney’s Yacht Club Resort

Charly Shelton

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PHOTOS, VIDEO: Tour a Water View Room at Disney’s Yacht Club Resort

We were on-hand for the reopening of Disney’s Yacht Club Resort after its months-long closure due to the pandemic. We have always enjoyed this resort and couldn’t wait to come back. So let’s dive right in to a Disney’s Yacht Club water view room tour!


YachtClub 51

Upon entering the room, we turn right down a small hallway.

YachtClub 52

The entrance hallway had dark wood on each side, with the restroom door on the left and closets on the right.

The Bathroom

YachtClub 53

This bright bathroom features a double sink vanity and plenty of lighting. Both the fixtures and the area behind the mirror are illuminated.

YachtClub 54

Of course each room comes with amenities in individual packages.

YachtClub 20
YachtClub 15

The shower is next to the toilet and has two shower heads — one fixed in place and one removable for handheld showering.

YachtClub 11
YachtClub 41

Unlike some other hotels on property with amenities bolted to the wall, this shower comes with individual-use shampoo, conditioner, body wash and soap.


YachtClub 37

Out in the main bedroom, we have a large storage unit…

YachtClub 27

Two closets! The bar in the closet has LEDs running beneath it and there a few shelves.

YachtClub 32

This door opens to the safe. Above the safe is a very cool little feature. That white stack which looks like sheets actually unfolds into an ironing board.

YachtClub 04
YachtClub 49

The board unfolds and then pivots to the side so that guests may use the iron whichever way works for each piece of clothing.


YachtClub 03

Now we enter the bedroom.

YachtClub 31

The coffee station has the mini-fridge beneath.

YachtClub 01
YachtClub 13

The center cabinet in the dresser opens to reveal the extra bedding and pillow. Note the TV remote wrapped in plastic to show it has been cleaned as part of the “Enhanced Cleaning” found resort-wide. The unit also has a multitude of USB and standard outlets.

YachtClub 34

Across from the TV sit the two queen beds.

YachtClub 21
YachtClub 18
YachtClub 44

On the wall next to the bed is a framed print of a boat’s bow with a Mickey icon and the number 71, denoting the year Walt Disney World opened. There’s also a nifty shelf with close proximity to more outlets.

YachtClub 06

The nightstand has drawers for storage and, again, more outlets.

YachtClub 17
YachtClub 16
YachtClub 12

Next to the beds is a desk and a rollaway table with a cute porthole-inspired mirror above.

YachtClub 46

On this table can be found the in-room dining menu. Disney’s Yacht Club Resort is the only resort in Walt Disney World currently offering in-room dining.

YachtClub 05

On the other side of the room sits a love seat.

YachtClub 43
YachtClub 02

The very blatant instructions show us that this is also a bed.

YachtClub 39

Beneath more nautical art, one person can sleep on this futon.

YachtClub 47
YachtClub 38

We’re heading out to the lovely patio next, but we have to see the coolest feature in the room first…

The Curtains

YachtClub 10
YachtClub 28

The pattern on these curtains features Disney characters as their constellation counterparts. The Disney characters that have been immortalized as constellations include Mickey and Minnie, Mushu, Flounder, Pegasus, Hercules, Pluto, Ferdinand the Bull, Simba, Ariel, Kenai, and Koda. These are Disney parallels for Draco, Pisces, Pegasus, Orion, Canis major, Taurus, Leo, Virgo, Ursa major and Ursa minor.

YachtClub 40


YachtClub 26

Now let’s head out to the patio.

YachtClub 29

The patio area includes a small table and two chairs — perfect for sipping chilled wine and watching the water after a long day at the park.

YachtClub 33
YachtClub 50

A privacy wall is located between patios on the first floor.

YachtClub 09
YachtClub 48
YachtClub 14

Disney’s Yacht Club doesn’t offer the most thematic rooms at Walt Disney World, but they may just be the most functional, and therefore most comfortable. The proximity to EPCOT, and even Hollywood Studios is a nice bonus, along with access to the best pool on property in Stormalong Bay.

Thanks for coming with us on our Yacht Club standard room tour. Will you head down to the water and stay at Disney’s Yacht Club Resort? Let us know in the comments below. And for more like this, check out our Deluxe Studio Room Tour at Disney’s Old Key West Resort, or our Deluxe Studio Room Tour at Disney’s Beach Club Villas. And for more from Disney’s Yacht Club Resort, check out our restaurant review at Ale & Compass Restaurant.

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  1. Loved this tour thank you! The closest this Brit will get to staying for some time . The curtain is so gorgeous! My best memory of staying there ( about 7 years ago!) is super comfortable beds with ships wheel headboards , and a cute nautical Mickey lamp which is sadly gone. The best location , enjoy!

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