REVIEW: Take a Bite of the NEW Poison Candied Caramel Apple at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

This is no ordinary apple…


Don’t worry, this Poison Candied Apple isn’t really poisoned. It’s one of the many new Halloween foods available at Walt Disney World this season.


The Poison Candied Apple is made up of caramel mousse, a red glaze, and a crunchy “candy” base.


The treat comes in a convenient transparent box, so you can get pictures of it before you take it out and start eating.


The mousse is very light, making it soft and pleasant to eat, but there is no recognizable flavor.


The red coating is a flavorless thin flood icing. It has a strong color, so be careful of any clothing and skin that touches it or you’ll end up with stains.


The bottom, which was advertised as candy and we thought might be granola, is actually corn flakes and they add the only real flavor to this piece. They had a fun, airy, crispy texture.


Overall, this is a visually striking snack, but it doesn’t have a lot of flavor to back it up. We enjoyed last year’s version of the poison apple much more, since it had multiple flavors of mousse, apple filling, and a cookie base.


The Poison Candied Apple is available at Trolley Car Café in Disney’s Hollywood Studios for $5.99.

Will you take a bite of this magic wishing apple? One bite and all your dreams will come true…

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Rachael Nelson
Rachael Nelson
1 year ago

Is this gluten free?