RUMOR: Governor Newsom and Josh D’Amaro Filming Disneyland Reopening Announcement This Monday

We’ve been spending lots of time recently in Downtown Disney District, and during our trips there, we like to take a peek into the Disneyland Resort theme parks. On our latest trip, we noticed what seemed like many management Cast Members scattered around both Disneyland and Disney California Adventure. Even the Disney Parks, Experiences and Products Chairman, Josh D’Amaro, was spotted visiting the theme parks. Now, a rumor has indicated that filming may reportedly be taking place at the parks featuring California Governor Gavin Newsom and D’Amaro himself.

Management seen moving pallet carts as reopening preparations are finalized.

Recording for the rumored announcement is set to take place Monday, September 21.

While a reopening date has not yet been set, Anaheim has been pushing Governor Newsom to reopen the California theme parks. The governor has indicated that discussions have been taking place, and that progress is being made on establishing guidelines and setting reopening time frames for theme parks. Josh D’Amaro has previously stated that Disney is “ready” to reopen the parks of Disneyland Resort as soon as California guidelines allow.

An increased number of security guards were stationed around the parks this week.

Recording a reopening announcement is a logical step in luring guests back to the parks. If this rumor is to be true, we may well be seeing a reopening announcement for the Disneyland Resort theme parks very soon.

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1 month ago

Newsom could care less about opening up Disneyland, he just got nervous when the headlines read “Disneyland moving to Texas”. He saw millions of tax dollars leaving the state, like it’s citizens are.
As long as they don’t require wearing masks I’ll go. Just imagine how bad it would be having to wear a mask on hot days, constantly having to touch it and pull it down every time you want to get a drink or eat a frozen banana. And sweating inside it all day, how unsanitary.

26 days ago
Reply to  Matt

That article was satire, buddy.

And this whole article aged terrible, as they’ve laid of 28,000 workers 😬

1 month ago

Newsom trying to take credit for “allowing” the parks to reopen. Disgusting mini-tyrant.

Chester Nichols
Chester Nichols
1 month ago

Looking Forward to the announcement 😀
With Disney Parks open already there should not be too much more to get ready.
I Know we are all ready to get back for the magic.
But please everyone we may not all agree
What we have to do to keep everyone safe.
But let’s show the world what we are capable of. Bring your smiles , Patience & courtesy.

1 month ago

I think it should open as all of the other parks connected to Disney are open. I understand there’s a virus, but I know their economy can’t handle being closed much longer. Many will be laid off as it is. We just need to make sure to follow all rules, and wear a face mask.

Christopher Lundgren
Christopher Lundgren
1 month ago

I wanted to say as a Union Committer Lead with Unite Local 11 . There is 12 remaining (The big ones) Unions of the 32 Unions at the Resort. We are many of us now at the end of the first round of EDD UI. Even thought California has an automatic 13 weeks extension and then after that the Federal program kicks in. Not all Cast members are living the high life. Me for example am not making the $450 weekly payment . I was was before Covid 19 on FMLA for random illnesses. I have an autoimmune disease and… Read more »

28 days ago

Ah what a week makes… 28,000 Disney Park employees laid off. 67% of the work force is part time.
Disney has used the local colleges as defacto employment service so as to not pay full time wages. That pool has dried up with COVID.
I had 4 friends with “55” rings, they will be rolling in their graves.
The hand writing was on the wall as far back as the 25th Anniversary. I left for far better opportunities.

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