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Walt Disney World Issues Statement on Capacity as Florida Transitions to Phase 3

The Walt Disney World Resort has responded to Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ executive order. The order put Florida into “Phase 3” reopening status, meaning that businesses can allow more guests to enter. It also eliminated public mask mandates, however there is still an active mask mandate within Orange County.

The Walt Disney World Resort statement reads:

“We received the Governor’s executive order and are evaluating it to determine what it may mean for our business. We are not making any immediate changes. As a reminder, face coverings are still required at Walt Disney World Resort.”

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Walt Disney World Resort

In the wake of the Governor’s Friday announcement, Fox 35 reported on how theme parks may operate during “Phase 3.” Florida’s phased reopening stages are part of its “Safe. Smart. Step-by-Step” plan.

WDWNT.com will continue to cover updates to operating procedures resulting from state policies.

  1. It’s a good move and to the critics, DeSantis did his research before making the determination. That being said, he didn’t make it mandatory. He just opened up the door for businesses to evaluate their situations to make the right moves for them. Disney has always gone above and beyond for their guests and I expect they will be cautious before stopping mask wearing and capacity requirements. They will do what is best for us. I just hope we can get back to normal soon.

    1. Masks will be part of the wardrobe for any theme park and theater’s for quite some time. Let’s remember, there is no cure or vaccine. Also there are images of many bars open at full capacity this weekend with no mask wearing and no social distancing. It will be an interesting couple of weeks coming up.

    2. My guess is masks are here for the foreseeable future, till spring at the earliest. I wouldn’t be surprised if Disney went to 50% though. And stayed open till eight at Magic Kingdom. Even nine on weekends.

      1. well we will only be booking our holiday to WDW when the ‘virtue signaling’ masks are done away with. I accept that elderly and at risk could gain from wearing masks but thats the extent of where and how masks should be used…

    3. DeSantis has no hope of being re elected, I’ll do all I can to ensure that as well as countless others.

    4. The only research DeathSantis did before deciding to reopen was looking into if it would please Trump. He doesn’t give two shits about Floridians or our families. Multiple health agencies and many local hospital’s were against reopening in this capacity.

      1. You sound weak and scared. Stay home…keep quiet , lather yourself with sanitizer and let me breath..and stop making others pay the price for your poor health decisions..k!

      2. The Death is your job and it’s not your life lock up in your house won’t save your life it will deteriorate you and your family why because you are scared build a back bone get to work and support your family your state won’t.

    5. DeSantis is a clinical sociopath. Disney maimed my little sister, and thousands of it’s other employees, exploiting third party contract labors at minimum wage, with no health care. Now they’re giving them all Covid, and you don’t want to know the consequences if they violate their NDA with the Mouse, and talk about it. Anonymous stories have been leaking for months.

      1. what happen to your mask and sanitizing your hands and keep your distance what
        are you doing that is unsafe CDC told us at Disney what to do.

      2. I’ve heard multiple stories of cast members catching covid-19 at their work locations at Disney.

    6. Wait so DeSantis “did his research” by asking us to go back to normal during a pandemic but disney continuing the mask and social distancing rules is also doing what is best for us? Then what did DeSantis just do…?

      Personally I trust the business that is trying to avoid another public health/public relations snafu, not the politician in the middle of election season telling us everything is ok.

  2. OMG- so many autocorrects really messed up my post, sorry. Need to proof first. Here’s what I what was saying. So many different personal opinions on safety during the pandemic but I agree with Dr Fauci on social distancing masks etc and would be so disappointed in Disney If they went back to business as usual. We areannual passholder from out of state and love Disney but would cancel our WDW Resort trips (4 different 2+ wks each). We have lost 2 family members (Not elderly) to Covid and take the safeguards seriously. You can experience wdw safely as long as they keep the restrictions in place. I know many will disagree and that is your prerogative, this is our option. No matter where you stand on this May you all stay safe & well

    1. No I fully agree!!! I think many don’t realize how severe this illness is because they’ve been blessed to not have close loved ones impacted. It would be horrible if Disney Increased capacity to normal or even close to and lifted mask restrictions. No profit is worth the risk of people’s lives.

    2. Donna, I agree 100% with what you said. Just because restrictions are being relaxed doesn’t mean covid has gone away.

  3. I think at this point it should be completely up to the individual if they want to wear a mask or not, even at the park when it’s outdoors.

    1. Up to the individual? Are you kidding? That’s why we’re in this situation. Too many “individuals” are not considering the health of others, only their so-called rights. I have a right to live and you need to wear a mask to protect me. It’s that simple. Stop being selfish and step up to the plate for your fellow Americans. Wear a mask and practice social-distancing.

    2. Wrong. My family’s wallet says you’re wrong. Why do you think Disney hasn’t changed its policies?

    3. The problem with this logic is that the mask protects the other person- not the person wearing the mask. So when individuals decide not to wear the mask, they are deciding to put others at risk. You have the right to put yourself at risk. You do not have the right to decide to put me at risk.

  4. Good to know Disney is doing it’s own thing and seems to be following the CDC guidelines and not Desantis. Even most restaurants are keeping tables social distanced and focusing on outside dining. I get it that many businesses need more guests, but many are thriving and doing bigger numbers under the phase 2 operations.

    1. If people get sick and spread it more that means loss of business too. The only agency I believe is the CDC. Trump is a liar.

  5. The Governor used business need vs. infection and mortality in making his decision. And this website misstated what his Exec Order did. HE DID NOT ELIMINATE PUBLIC MASK MANDATES AS THE LEAD PARAGRAPH ABOVE STATES. He stopped local jurisdictions from assessing fines for individual violators. There’s enough confusion about this and we don’t need websites adding to it. Disney is still mandating masks which is a positive step. Hopefully, Disney will continue enforcing social distancing and masks for the time being. We went recently and it felt reasonably safe with the restrictions they had in place. If they eliminate those restrictions, we will not go again until the pandemic is less of a threat. The business need is important, however, 700,000 infected people in Florida creates a problem for large public venues like Disney and great care still needs to be exercised.

  6. The restaurants seem too full, wait times at rides are 80 minutes plus. If they increase anymore, you really won’t have the social distancing you need. As for DeSantis doing his research, he listened to the professionals who agreed with him and didn’t listen to the states health department. You never again heard from the head of the state’s health department after the first press conference.

    1. Tom when did your family go? We have a trip planned in October. I have been looking at wait times, have not seen these that you described…

  7. My familys trip planned for October. We cancelled it when it was planned for June. If Disney plans to increase capacity we will cancel again an make other plans with the money this time. We’re already put off by the amount of restaurants, attractions and limitations on entertainment like no fireworks, parades but do understand the need for limiting crowds. Hopefully the reach a decision that won’t put my family at risk and stay with their current social distancing and capacity policies.

    1. Smart move. I live here and will only go weekdays and refuse to eat indoors. If you came here you would be stuck to eat all of your meals indoors. Diisney springs has places with out door patios but none in the theme parks

    2. For the price of a Disney vacation, you could probably travel international to a country that took this mess seriously. It would be safer.

  8. Governor Desantis thank you! If you do not feel comfortable stay home make a decision that is good for you and yours. This order gives all businesses the opportunity to do business.

  9. To the critics. Florida wouldn’t be in the situation it’s in if New Yorkers would have stayed in NY. Snow bird or not, Cuomo let people fly out of one of the highest contamination states without being on business or medical purpose. His lack of responsibility is why we are so high. Fl was going down until operation snow bird commenced.

    1. Ridiculous. I retired from NY this year to FL. Did you not read the news for months? The virus spreads like wildfire in the air. All 50 states have it and it is not due to snowbirds. How did italy become the epicenter? Not due to NY snowbirds. Simultaneously the virus was introduced into the US way back in December from i ternational travelers, which city in florida has huge international tourists? Orlando! I watched at christmas time a huge number of Chinese at the parks and Disney Springs. I noticed it because their country was exploding with the viru sin December. Everyone here thought it was just the flu,

  10. Pleaseeeee remove the mask, open regular hours, bring back fireworks… whomever wants to wear a mask can wear it, but i am tired of these… let’s go back to normal, at the end of the day, if you don’t want to get it protect yourself, but let the rest of us be HAPPY without the mask in this excruciating heat… I am not treturnkng to the parks until the mask are removed

    1. Same here. We were just in Orlando last week on vacation and went to Disney Hollywood Studios. We only stayed half the day because of the masks. It was like wearing insulation in the FL heat. And I feel like there is no need for masks when you’re OUTSIDE. I definitely would not return to any Disney park until masks are not required. It’s ridiculous.

    2. Masks are made to protect others from you not the other way around. It only works when everyone wears them not some of them. Please stay away from the parks so I can enjoy them with germs from people who think normal is going to happen this week with the govs orders. We will be wearing masks well into 2021 even with the vaccine. It will take time for the vaccine coverage in the US. If you had a loved one infected or die from this you would not be talking about going back to normal right mow.

  11. Hoping Disney continue with there safety guidelines is safe fo all guest as well are there employee, the safety is good and the continuation of the mask will be the best for all, again hope Disney take the best decision as they doing as right now

  12. Orange County has a face covering mandate…. too funny when I was up there everybody’s walking around going in stores with no masks…. Ppl up there could care less what’s going on…. glad Disney is still making ppl wear masks for ppls safety

  13. People need to understand that the Governor’s executive order still leaves decisions up to the individual business, as it should be. If Disney still wants to restrict capacity, have social distancing, require masks, etc. it is their right. And if they want to open up more and lift some of these restrictions, that is their right too.

    And for Guests who are not comfortable with more restrictions or less restrictions from Disney, they YOU have the right not to go. It is called freedom of choice. Don’t make other feel bad because they support one way or another.

  14. We’re huge Disney fans and have a trip planned for November. I’m hoping Disney doesn’t change the mask and social distance mandate. It was because of that caution on Disney’s part we felt comfortable keeping our reservations. But even if they do what about Disney springs? We have dinner reservations there our first night in, which I’ll be canceling if they’re planning on going to full capacity. Are the downtown restaurants required to follow Disney’s rules or the governors rules?

    1. You have to wear a mask at DS – Disney Springs. What night is you DS dining reservation? I am a local and I stay far away from DS on Fri/Sat/Sun nights because it is too full for me to feel comfortable. The rest of the week is ok, lunch time is pretty dead and some restaurants are closed. There are a plenty of places to eat outside like House of Blues, Art’s Homecoming, Paradiso, Wine Bar, Boathouse. I would check into dinner an hour early and tell them you want to eat outside.

    2. I live herE and go to the parks weekly. I still refuse to eat indoors. Disney Springs is crowded, we leave when it gets like that. This past weekend it hit capacity and closed both garages. We left. We will only eat at places we can grab and go or ones that have outdoor patios. None of the theme parks really have restaurants with outdoor patios. Only disney springs.I dont blame you for changing your plans. My daughter cancelled her honeymoon this year because of it.

    3. Going 10/31-11/7. Praying Disney doesn’t lift restrictions. I don’t think they will. I’m at high risk for severe illness. I’ve been looking forward to this for 2 years. We’re DVC owners for 20 years and haven’t been there for 2 years. The only thing that may bother me is we’re staying at Riviera which is an indoor corridor hotel. It takes everyone, not just businesses to work together to protect each other.

  15. Disney has to decide if they want to ban people who are afraid, or ban those who are not.

    I for one am ready for Disney to lift the ban on smiles.

  16. Good for WDW. Government can’t mandate private businesses to allow more people or force them to allow guest without mask.

  17. I’m glad to see that Disney is being cautious about this. And as much as I hate the idea of wearing a mask in the park, I’m glad Disney is keeping it up because I believe it makes us safer and reduces our risk of getting infected. This is especially relieving for me since our family is visiting Disney World next week.

  18. The reality is this virus isn’t going away regardless of what any politician or business does. It will be here years from now. If a business believes it’s in their best interest to require masks or not, it’s their choice now. Likewise, individuals can decide if they want to only patronize businesses that requires masks or not. The state’s decision is based upon ensuring medical facilities are adequate and businesses have an opportunity to survive. You get to decide what is acceptable to you.

  19. GREAT move! I feel Disney always makes things safer, cleaner. I have full confidence they will not rush things!

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