Walt Disney World Now Surveying Guests About Limited Park Capacity and Virtual Queues

Walt Disney World has been surveying guests about the theme parks’ new COVID-related policies since the parks reopened in July. We recently received a survey that asked us many questions we had seen before, including how required face coverings, temperature screenings, and suspended experiences impacted our intent to visit. This survey also had two new questions about our experience in the parks.

Screenshot of a Disney Parks survey asking if limited park capacity positively or negatively impacted a theme park visit

The first question was about how the limited number of people allowed in the parks impacted our intent to visit. Note that every question had three options: positively impacts, no impact, or negatively impacts. Walt Disney World has been limiting theme park capacity to about 50%, despite Governor DeSantis supporting an increased capacity.

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Screenshot of a Disney Parks survey asking if digital sign-up for virtual queues positively or negatively impacted a theme park visit

The other new question was about digital sign-up for virtual queues at select theme park attractions. Of course, other than Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance, Walt Disney World attractions are not using virtual queues. Some table-service restaurants have introduced a mobile waitlist similar to a virtual queue.

How do you feel about the park’s limited capacity and virtual queues? Let us know in the comments below.

  1. Virtual queues would be great if they worked. But after many articles here and my own personal experiences, unfortunately they don’t work. RotR virtual queue works about as well as Everest’s yeti.

    1. I don’t see a downside to the virtual queues if they can figure them out- but not if they are in lieu of fast passes. Fast passes make a lot more sense and save so much time for those who use them than going to stand by and virtual queues only. I have had passes for over 30 years, so I’ve experienced lines many ways, and fast passes are by far the best. For those who reference old school Disney, you have to understand that back in the day there weren’t nearly the amount of people in attendance as there is now (pre COVID) so those days of standing in line while Happily eating a Mickey ice cream bar just before hopping on the ride are nothing more than a distant memory – unless you have a fast pass.
      Not to mention in this new era of social distancing, fast passes make the most sense.
      I’m just praying they aren’t going to go digging deeper into the pockets of their patrons for paid fast passes.

      1. Fast Pass works OK for disney experts. For the families/normals it’s a stressful scheduling mess. Most would prefer to be on equal footing to the “experts” and join a queue when they enter the park, or not long before.

        1. I would venture to guess that a large percentage of regular guests are passholder families, or “Disney experts” as you put it. With that in mind, it would make the most sense to, as I stated before, have the virtual queues for folks who can’t/won’t use fast passes, but keep the rest of us moving with the same fast pass structure we have come to rely on for a smooth trip.
          I think I speak for most, if not all, passholders in saying that we love our fast passes and definitely will not be cool with having them revoked.

  2. If virtual queues worked with no glitches and were available for most if not all rides, I’d be all for them. And I like the limited capacity/park reservation system.

  3. I do like the parks with the lower capacity and the lower wait times. you can actually enjoy the parks to the fullest and for the price, instead of having to spend just 2 hrs in one line then do the same at the next attraction. I believe it will be even better later when the social distancing is lessen becaus ethen people wont be discouraged from the “long” lines and all the things that aren’t available now will come back. If they could fix the virtural queue so it wasn’t pooh ( LOL ) then i could understand for the more popular rides maybe having it to help quest flow.

  4. For me, it’s not an issue of Virtual Queues per se. I don’t really care whether it’s Stand-By, Virtual, old school Fastpass or FP+, what I really care about is: is it simple to do and am I going to be able to get on a ride?

    Right now a Disney vacation is getting too scheduled and too much being tied to an app to manage my day.

    The other issue is just about capacity. Traditionally you never had to worry: there might be a line, but you could be assured you could get on Pirates or Haunted Mansion. Too many of the newer rides are developing reputations that you may not be able to get a turn on them. Did they forget to build in enough capacity (riders per hour) on newer rides?

    1. RotR was designed for high capacity, but it doesn’t matter when unreliable. Ironically, smugglers run is the opposite. It is mostly reliable, but underwhelming capacity.

  5. That picture of the lines looks disturbing. It is my hope that I don’t spend the eight hours allotted us in a park standing in long lines. They are telling us wait times won’t be long (less people in the parks) and then you see pictures like that. Some of the articles are saying fast pass will not be returning. Is Disney listening to their guests concerns?

    1. Remember the lines look much long than actual wait time due to the 6 feet between parties which most guest do quite well.

    2. I’ll be there in 1 week — many of the rides aren’t on my list. I’d rather experience the atmosphere and the Park Imagineering. Sometimes, it’s more fun to just sit on a bench and observe Main Street, or stroll the countries in EPCOT, or wander around Batuu and check out the detail of the buildings. That being said, I am hoping that the weekday crowds are not so crazy, that I’m bumping into people or worse, cannot go on any ride at all. Worse, how crowded will the restaurants become next week? We’re staying “off-site” and have already thought about take out more often rather than dining in a packed restaurant.

    3. Fast pass probably isn’t returning, but that doesn’t mean there will be no advance reserving process at all. They just recognized the old system was no longer working as intended.

  6. I do not want park capacity increased. It impacts wait times when hours are already shortened. It also causes a safety concern because then you have more people crammed together made worse by reduced hours. If they increase capacity they better expand hours or I will be canceling my nov trip. The park seemed safe before but if things continue down this route I won’t continue feeling that way.

    1. They already announced they are increasing hours by Nov. Also, as in pre-Covid times they increase hours when they increase capacity. The only reason they reduced hours was because the capacity was not supportive, so they lost money operating longer.

  7. It’s unfortunate that the VQ platform and technology is not up to par. This would have been a great enhancement to the guest experience, for sure. At this point, they should cut their losses and just reinstate FP+

  8. They def have to do something! You can’t keep ticket prices the same yet increase crowds, decrease park hours, and maintain happy tourists! I can handle the crowds, but with no FastPasses, the hours have got to increase so that we have the time to enjoy and not wait in lines all day!

  9. It’s kind of stupid to ask people in the parks what they think about masks. The people who refuse to wear a mask wouldn’t be in the parks in the first place. That should be a question on their ticket landing page if they want to know who wanted to come, but didn’t.

  10. Virtual queue DID NOT WORK for us yesterday at Hollywood’s Star Wars. Since park hopping isn’t allowed, we will not be able to revisit that park on this trip. At least with a line, you have a chance to ride. Not so with a non-working IT issue.

    The extra burden on cast members as mask police and social distance hall monitors is taking its toll on cast members. They are trying, but it’s notable that they are sharper with guests than the norm. Management needs to get out from behind their desks and mingle with the folks who pay the bills and make things easier for the cast and customers.

  11. Maybe it’s just me but you are still paying the same price for less plus no park hopper. And I do believe that face mask should be a a choice if you are walking around outside it should not matter. Just keep a distance. If we don’t end this face mask we are going to be doing this for a long time. look China they had wore them for years and it didn’t help them. I think if face masks where a option more people would go. And also a lot of people are still out of work so that also makes it less crowded. It’s just my opinion so don’t jump all over me.

  12. I love the reduced capacity it was socrowded last two times I was there I didn’t enjoy it at all I was at taste fest last oct when u have to wait 30 to 45 minutes at a kiosk was too much

  13. I have some information about Virtual Queue that may be of help. After talking to some guests who have been successful at getting in to the Star Wars VQ, they had this to suggest:

    1. You must be at Hollywood Studios rope drop, no matter how you accomplish it. Hire an uber or drive your own car. Skyliner and buses arrive too late to do this.
    2. Use your phone’s mobile data, instead of the unreliable WDW wifi.
    3. The VQ should be available as SOON AS your magic band is scanned, so focus on it immediately after scanning.
  14. Open all parks up to full capacity, return the park hopper, return fast passes and eliminate mask requirements. Those who want to wear a mask are always welcomed to do so. Virtual queues for food and RofR are a joke and only serve to add stress and misery to those who want to ride that attraction or get a meal. Social distancing is not working no matter how many stickers are on the ground or on the tables. We are all aware of the risks and those who want to assume them should be free to do so. Plus about 1/2 the people who go to HS only want to ride RotR and once the two slots are full we can hop to a less crowed park.

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