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“What Extinct Attraction Would YOU Bring Back to Walt Disney World?” TONIGHT on Cosmic Reid Live! at 9:00 PM (ET)

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If you could snap your fingers and bring a past attraction back to Walt Disney World, which one would it be?

Tonight at 9 p.m. Eastern on YouTube, Cosmic Chris Reid along with Jeff Mielcarz and Angelina Alberto will do a roundtable about this topic, plus interact with YOU on the YouTube chat!

Let us know what YOU would bring back to Walt Disney World tonight. You can also send emails to [email protected] and let the hosts know that way!

Cosmic Reid Live is live every Monday night at 9 p.m. Eastern on YouTube. The hosts Imagineer their own attractions, talk Disney memories, events, food and more. Follow the hosts on Twitter: @CosmicReid, @JMielcarz, and @AngelinaMarella.

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Victor Nazarian
Victor Nazarian
1 month ago

The best extinct attraction I loved from my Disney experiences in the 80s & 90a is Captain Eo! If that could be brought back again I’d dance.

Sarah Weinberger
Sarah Weinberger
1 month ago

1. Second level of Carousel of Progress showing the EPCOT model (enhanced) or innovations such as what Disneyland had briefly. I would like to see Carousel of Progress updated, as what was talked about.

2. Circarama, U.S.A. (I knew it as AT&T Presents America the Beautiful in 365 vision)

3. Adventure Thru Inner Space

1 month ago

the alien ride from tomorrowland

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