BREAKING: Service Trades Council Union Issues Statement – 8,800 Part-Time Cast Members Laid Off, All Union Full-Time Cast Welcome to Return from Furlough When Business Improves at Walt Disney World

After a week of negotiations, the Service Trades Council Union, which represents over 40,000 employees across Walt Disney World Resort, has released details on Cast Member layoffs, including 8,800 part-time Cast Members who have now been laid off. Full-time employees will have the option to transfer back to their old positions or to new ones, based on some requirements.

According to the release from the union below, originally 5,299 full-time employees were previously indicated for layoffs. Full-timers will now be given the opportunity, based on seniority, to return to their previous jobs “if the business need exists.”

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Those who have selected a new position and do not have the seniority to return to work will remain on furlough and continue to receive health insurance. Part-time Cast Members who were laid off join the 6,700 non-union Cast who were also terminated as part of the mass layoffs, but union Cast will have a contractual right to be recalled to their old jobs until October 1, 2022.

The Walt Disney Company restored the salaries of its Senior Executives in late August, when thousands of Cast Members were still on furlough.

We at WDWNT are supporting these Cast Members as much as possible. You can help too! Help raise money for the Cast Member Pantry by donating directly through WDWNT.

The donation-based organization also has an Amazon Wish List as well as Venmo—their account is: @castmemberpantry. Cast Members can email Cast Member Pantry or contact them via their Facebook page to book a 15-minute “shopping” window.

  1. Each article seems to always end about the executive salaries, but I’m unsure if that 20% would still have covered even a 5% of these cuts.

  2. I worked for all the three major amusement parks in Orlando Florida, what I noticed when I was working there, all the complaining for the cast member, ambassadors etc towards the foreign tourists specially those who doesn’t speak English. Now you guys see how much you need it then. When everything goes back to normal please appreciate the job you have it and specially the people who buys tickets and spend a lot of money in the parks for you to have a food in your plate. People learn the lessons and be grateful to have a job and stop to complain about everything . God bless America.

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