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Disney Now Contacting Furloughed Cast Members Not Affected by Layoffs

After weeks of heartbreaking news, it seems Disney is now contacting select furloughed Cast Members to inform them that they have not been impacted by the mass layoffs.

The sample communication being sent out reads as follows:

Hello and thank you for your patience. We know how difficult this time is and wanted to provide you with an important update.

We have been contacting Cast Members affected by the workforce reduction as quickly as we could. We wanted you to know that you are not currently affected by this reduction and will remain on furlough until further notice.

Thanks again for your patience during this time.

When news broke that 28,000 Cast Members would be laid off, the Disney Parks division had yet to actually contact those affected by the mass layoff. And so, in the coming days it was revealed exactly which departments were affected, as well as the exact number of Cast Members laid off in each segment. Some unions have managed to land negotiations to protect full-time workers, such as the Service Trades Council, but the reality is, many Cast Members will remain on furlough until business improves at the parks.

The Walt Disney Company restored the salaries of its Senior Executives in late August, when thousands of Cast Members were still on furlough.

We encourage our readers to help Cast Members during this difficult time by making a donation to the Cast Member Pantry. The donation-based organization has an Amazon Wish List as well as Venmo @castmemberpantry. Cast Members can email Cast Member Pantry or contact them via their Facebook page to book a 15-minute “shopping” window.

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Carlos Banguera
Carlos Banguera
16 days ago

That’s nice…. I was layed off and they still haven’t told us officially.. . I found out from the union…. Disney still hasn’t reached out…. I guess we’re not worth the time!!!!

Cast Member
Cast Member
16 days ago

Thats messed up, I been working with the company for over 3 years and havent got full-time cause they give the hours to college students. Im no longer furloughed but my job is in jeopardy cause Disney and the Union refuses to take of the Cast Members BUT to make things worse, I like so many Part timers NOT furloughed will probably lose their jibs. Yet, the full-time AND cast members still furloughed are safe. Its the fault of the democrats in charge of California that wont allow Disney to reopen Disneyland that is also to blame. Its messed up… Read more »

15 days ago

As sad as all this news of layoffs is, it has to be a good feeling as a Cast Member to receive this message. They were some of the few who “made the cut” despite so many great Cast Members not returning.

Good luck to all Cast Members, laid off, furloughed or otherwise. You are all great.

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