PHOTOS: NEW “The Fox and The Hound” Tod Disney Babies Plush Arrives at Walt Disney World

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Perhaps a stork didn’t actually deliver this baby fox to Walt Disney World, but we’d like to imagine so. No matter how he got there, baby Tod recently arrived at the Frontier Trading Post at the Magic Kingdom to the delight of fans of The Fox and the Hound animated feature.


Part of the Disney Babies line, these adorable fox plush toys are wrapped in a baby blanket and staring wide-eyed at you from the display.


Let’s take a closer look at the adorable fox. He gazes up at you with large longing eyes and cute paws. If you love stuffed animals, you’ll find it hard not to hug this baby Tod.


The image of Copper along with doggy pawprints, flowers and butterflies decorated the blanket. This endearing print pays homage to the strong friendship that Tod and Copper shared in the film.


The new stuffed Tod joins other characters in the Disney Babies line of plush toys. Though a baby Copper plush hasn’t joined Tod here, the friends will hopefully be reunited in the future. Disney Babies may appear throughout Walt Disney World if the stork isn’t too busy, but others also appear at


This charming baby fox retails for $32.99. All the Disney Babies come wrapped in a blanket just like Tod. We wonder whether or not the “stork” will soon deliver a baby Copper, snuggled in a Tod blanket. Either way, we’ll be on the lookout for it if it does show up.

What do you think about this cuddly plush toy? Let us know in the comments below.

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7 days ago

They need to make a baby COPPER ASAP!!

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