Plexiglass Dividers to be Installed on All Ride Vehicles on Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance in Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Last month, a soft plastic divider was added to one car on Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. That later evolved to a hard Plexiglass divider, one that would provide slightly more visibility—albeit still hindered by glare. Now, in a statement released by Disney, it appears these dividers are soon to be installed on all ride vehicles, known as Prison Transports, on Rise of the Resistance.


In a statement to the Orlando Sentinel, Disney has confirmed these initial plexiglass sightings as just tests. Once tests are finalized, dividers will be installed on every vehicle:

We recently tested an update to the ride vehicles and had Plexiglas barrier between the first and second rows. We’re working toward introducing this to all the vehicles.

Disney spokesperson (via Orlando Sentinel)

The divider sits between the two rows of seats inside each Prison Transport, potentially allowing two parties to be seated in one car, increasing the ride’s daily capacity.

We’ll continue checking on Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance to track as more dividers are added to ride vehicles throughout the attraction.

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  1. If they do this to all or most rides, might as well stop going to the parks till this nonsense is over. Nothing like completely ruining the ride experience. Go ride the Safari. The plastic dividers don’t allow you to clearly see anything unless it is directly out of the left or right side of the truck.

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