VIDEO: Take a FULL POV Ride on Tokyo Disneyland’s Splash Mountain

Tokyo Disneyland has a lot in common with the other castle parks around the world, and that also includes its own version of the classic Splash Mountain log flume. While many think that the ride is just a mirror copy of the version at Walt Disney World, there’s actually several differences between the two journeys of Br’er Rabbit, and even more so than the Disneyland version. Many fans even regard the Tokyo Disneyland version as the superior of the three, as a matter of fact. If you want to try and compare them all, you can take a full float-through of Tokyo Disneyland’s version of the Briar Patch right here via our YouTube channel!

If you love this version, don’t fret, because currently the Oriental Land Company has no plans to implement the Princess and the Frog retheme slated for Orlando and Anaheim. So you can look forward to drops into the Briar Patch for years to come! Be sure to stay tuned to WDWNT for other ride-throughs from Tokyo Disney Resort, including the new Enchanted Tale of Beauty and the Beast, and from the Disney Parks worldwide!

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The Phantom Blot's tailor
The Phantom Blot's tailor
1 year ago

I think Tom Corless has a point when he praises Tokoyo Disneyland Resort. I’ve seen so many articles on this site and years ago on All Ears (Before it became the travesty it is today) that show how well done those parks are. When my Mother visited Tokyo Disney Sea she said all the hype was true.

Brian Ballone
Brian Ballone
1 year ago

I noticed several variations to the Tokyo Splash Mountain over the 2 presently located in the US. Loved the lush plants growing in the outdoor scenes! I did like the modified ‘track’ (flume) layout. All of the scenes were fresh and bright. I enjoyed how many times the point of view for the rider was of the park and the patrons watching. Very well done and so glad that this will remain in place for the future.