PHOTO REPORT: Magic Kingdom 11/12/20 (Active Construction in Tomorrowland, The Emporium Takes Over Casey’s Corner, New Sugar and Spice Churros, Mickey & Friends Rainy Day Christmas Cavalcade, and More)

Hello from a very wet and windy Magic Kingdom! With weather effects from Hurricane Eta in full swing here in Central Florida, even the Disney ducks were wishing for drier conditions. Nothing can stop us from bringing you the latest news though, so we were in the park scoping out all the new things to show you. Let’s get started!


In construction update news, two more supports of the Tomorrowland Transit Authority PeopleMover were painted white last night. These supports are the ones closest to Tomorrowland Stage.


The construction box outside of the former location of Stitch’s Great Escape in Tomorrowland has grown in size, hinting at potential development for the previously-shelved “Wreck-It Ralph” attraction.


The draining of the Rivers of America continues with the help of generators and pumps to remove the last of the water from the lower-lying areas. Scaffolding staircases have been added for workers to access the Island.


The windows and glass doors of the Merchant of Venus have been covered in black plastic, and pipe and drape has been set up to block the interior of the store from view from inside Auntie Gravity’s. This store did not reopen with the park, and, as we have seen with several other locations across property, is now being emptied of stock and will remain closed until indefinitely.


The dining room for Casey’s Corner that connects to The Emporium has been filled with merchandise displays and made into a shopping area. Previously roped-off and closed to guests, this area now provides more room to shop, although guests cannot exit the building through any of the doors in this room.


A few more holiday snacks popped up in the Magic Kingdom since the Christmas season began here. One was this “Fa La La La Funnel Cake” featuring strawberry topping. It was a colorful hit for us! For our full review, see our article here.


We also tried the Sugar and Spice Churros served with Eggnog and were pleasantly surprised to find them to be the perfect nostalgic holiday treat. For our full review, see our article here.


We also spotted a new color of cotton candy available in the park today. The white is citrus flavored and the pink is “winter berry” or strawberry flavored.


We found some fun new merchandise in the parks today. First were these new stickers featuring some of our favorite princesses and an associated adjective for each. We found these stickers at The Emporium for $4.99 each.


Next we found an addition to the BaubleBar Collection we found yesterday across the parks. This bracelet features a center charm spelling out “Jolly” with a Mickey for the letter “O”. We found this bracelet at Uptown Jewelers for $40.


With all the rain we had today, we had plenty of time to enjoy all the Rainy Day Christmas Cavalcades, including this one featuring Mickey & Friends. We love seeing the characters and their umbrellas, we think they look great!


We had a great day at the Magic Kingdom, and we hope you enjoyed coming along with us. Have a magical day!

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Victor Nazarian
Victor Nazarian
10 months ago

I can’t help but imagine how fun that rainy day march would be if the characters had lights dancing inside their clear umbrellas.

Kelly Coggins
Kelly Coggins
10 months ago

Can anyone tell me since they’re not having the Mickey’s Merry Christmas party would they possibly still have the pins available to buy