PHOTOS: New Pink Type-C Monorail Delivered to Tokyo Disney Resort

Tokyo Disney Resort has recently started to replace its 19 year-old fleet of Disney Resort Line monorails with a new “Type-C” rolling stock through 2024. The first monorail was delivered way back in December last year, now the second of five new trains has been delivered to the resort—Monorail Pink!

Twitter user @P29294180 spotted the new Monorail Pink in transit to Tokyo Disney Resort in the early morning of November 6th, with photos of crews from both the Maihama Resort Line Company and Hitachi, the manufacturer of both the original and Type-C rolling stock, driving the monorail trains through property and into backstage. As with the new Monorail Yellow, in service since July 3rd, the train features a two-tone wave along the side to distinguish from its original type, and features larger windows and a more spacious interior. You can take a full tour of the new Type-C trains on our YouTube channel.

Twitter user @TypeXC_MRC also managed to spot the trains undergoing delivery and transportation, as well as their original delivery to Urayasu from cargo ships on November 5th.

And finally, user @kina_daka spotted the new set being lifted on to the tracks this afternoon. Some final assembly and testing will have to take place on the Resort Line before the new Monorail Pink can enter service, so stay tuned in the coming months for when the second Type-C monorail enters service!

The new Type-C monorails on the Disney Resort Line will be gradually entering service and replacing the original Type X trains through 2024, so this will be a gradual transition. By the time the last Type X train is retired, they will have served 23 wonderful years of service and millions (or even billions) of Guests!

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Featured image used with permission of @P29294180 on Twitter.