PHOTOS: TRON Lightcycle Run Construction Uploads New Illuminated Canopy Pieces at the Magic Kingdom

Greetings from the Grid! Work on the illuminated canopy for TRON Lightcycle / Run seems to be moving along steadily at the Magic Kingdom. There’s always something new happening over on the construction site, so let’s take a look at what’s going on!


From the deck of the Astro Orbiter, we can see the framework arching over the coaster track, as well as the final pieces of siding being added to the “Grid” show building.


The gigantic red crane is still onsite to help hoist segments of the canopy into place. Well done, crane!


While zooming along on the Tomorrowland Speedway, we can see how it curves around the perimeter of the track.


On the left-hand side, we can see that little remains left to install for the canopy’s base.


As we exit the attraction, we can see just how tall the canopy will be once it’s finished.


Good job, yellow crane! Don’t think we forgot about you!


From the queue for The Barnstormer, we can see the biggest addition since our last visit in this large base piece.


The placement means that riders will come very close to the canopy while riding, as they do at Shanghai Disneyland.


Meanwhile, several segments are waiting to be lifted into place near the left side of the show building.


And as we salute the black and white crane for its efforts, our latest look comes to a close. When it’s finished, the canopy’s LED panels will flash with color as guests race by, as seen in this photo from Shanghai’s TRON Lightcycle Power Run:

While most construction on the ride has come to a halt, the canopy will be an impressive sight while we wait to experience The Grid. Of course, if you’d like a preview of what’s to come, check out our video of TRON Lightcycle Power Run below!

Keep reading WDWNT as we cover the “programming” of TRON Lightcycle / Run at the Magic Kingdom!

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11 months ago

Just a reminder that the effects of the construction layoffs unfortunately extended well beyond the men and women on site. Even half the country away we are feeling the effects as shop production of the metal canopy panels also ceased when Disney cut their budget and staff, which lead to layoffs and terminations here as well. Sad to think of as we head into the holiday season, and all I can say on the behalf of the affected parties is thanks Covid & thanks to you also Disney.