PHOTOS, VIDEO: “Merry and Bright Nights” Premieres at Living with the Land in EPCOT

Matthew Soberman

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PHOTOS, VIDEO: “Merry and Bright Nights” Premieres at Living with the Land in EPCOT

Matthew Soberman

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PHOTOS, VIDEO: “Merry and Bright Nights” Premieres at Living with the Land in EPCOT

After weeks of preparation and decoration, the holiday lights are officially bringing their glow to Living with the Land at EPCOT in the “Merry and Bright Nights” holiday overlay. For the second consecutive year, the futuristic greenhouse has been decked out for the season with Christmas lights that don’t reveal their full beauty until the sun sets. We’ve been tracking the progress of this beautiful display for much of November, and now it’s up in all its twinkly glory.


As we enter the greenhouse portion of the ride, colorful lights line the tunnel in an array of reds, yellows, blues and greens.


Garlands of white lights have been wrapped around many of the trees and support structures, including this papaya tree, adding a bit of class.


While last year, this topiary was of an ornament, this year, it’s made to look like Mickey Mouse wearing a Santa hat!


Heading into the aquaculture section, the whole area is lit up in red as usual, but now matched perfectly by strands of green lights lining the tops of the tanks.


Looks like the fish got their holiday shopping done early!


The display pumpkins and gourds that was here previously has been replaced with a wintry arch and a cart filled with ornaments. I doubt the large ones on the ground will fit on any tree here.


We then pass by another Mickey topiary adorned with reindeer antlers!


The beams around the greenhouse have a variety of colored lights, including the ones that jut over the waterway, creating a nearly-complete arch.


Ornaments have been hung from some plant structures, adding an additional touch of cheer.


The holidays are a time of giving, and to pay tribute, gift-wrapped boxes show off the gift of fresh produce from The Land. (I wonder what catalog you can order that from.) This popular decoration makes a return appearance in 2020.


The blue, green and red orbs add a futuristic look to this Future World holiday.


Some peppers have been arranged in a wreath. It’s a spicy bit of décor!


We spotted this deep purple ornament dangling from a tray of microgreens.


Even the biotechnology lab is getting in on the fun with a display of snowflake lights, ornaments, and stockings with the names of those who work in the lab written on them!


Elsewhere, the nearby trays also have lights strung around them.


Much like the entrance into the greenhouse, the tunnel leading to the show finale has also been covered in a variety of colorful lights.


While it may not be as over-the-top as the Jingle Cruise, this overlay has become one of our favorite parts of the holiday season.

If you want to see even more of how this attraction welcomes the most wonderful time of the year, check out our video below!

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