NBA Players Association Donating $50,000 To Keep Cast Member Food Bank Running

After spending their summer in the Walt Disney World bubble, NBA players are now giving back to the Cast Member community. A local union-run food bank for laid-off Cast Members has been in danger of closing due to lack of funds, but the NBA Players Association is now donating $50,000 to keep it running a little longer.

Orlando Magic center Nikola Vucevic told Orlando Sentinel “We’re lucky to be in the position that we are, to make the money that we are and live a good life and so when you can help others that are not in the same situation it’s huge. The players association has great programs that we can use to help others, and so I think that is something that the NBA does a great job with, and players as well.”

The food bank is run by the Local 737 union, which represents Walt Disney World housekeepers and hospitality workers. President of the union Jeremy Haicken said, “This amazing contribution from the players’ union could not have come at a better time. With thousands of workers still out of work and receiving Florida’s meager unemployment benefits, there is a massive need to provide food to workers’ families. We are deeply grateful to the NBA players and their union for this generous donation.”

Furloughed and laid-off Cast Members can visit the food bank every Saturday to receive a free bag of groceries. According to Haicken, the $50,000 donation will keep the food bank running for at least another month.

The union is accepting donations here.

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5 months ago

Just 50K cmon NBA players ! Ya’ll need to step up with your donations. Most of Ya’lls personal assistants make 5 times that. Lebrons butler makes $250k/year. 50K is pocket change for Ya’ll