REVIEW: New Peanut Butter Iced Coffee, Limited Edition White Christmas Cookie and Cookie Vom Krampus, Plus the Elusive Coffee Cake Cookie and Peanut Butter Cup Cake at Gideon’s Bakehouse in Disney Springs

Ever since they announced they were coming way back in June, we’ve been waiting for Gideon’s Bakehouse to open at Disney Springs. Now, after several months of construction, the bakery has opened its doors, bringing its popular half-pound cookies to guests.


You can take a tour of their creepy, gothic-inspired interior in our full YouTube video tour below:

Now, let’s take a look at their sweet offerings!

Original Peanut Butter Iced Coffee — $5

This is simply a must-try and goes perfectly with every Cookie flavor. We combine our smooth oatmilk Cold Brew with a unique dark roasted peanut blend from our favorite Georgia Peanut Farm. Then we add a little bit of Florida with some local honey for a fun Coffee and Peanut Butter drink. For a Limited Time, this flavor will be available as a Nitro Cold Brew!


This coffee had a unique flavor. It was sweet, but not overly so. The coffee taste comes through, but it’s the creamy peanut butter taste that really shines.


If you’re on the fence about peanut butter, then this is not for you, but we loved it. We also appreciated that it had a sugar straw instead of paper.


All of the coffee products here are made with oat milk and are dairy-free, which means that anyone can enjoy this popular item.

Coffee Cake Cookie — $6.00

The famed Coffee Cake Cookie, normally only sold one month a year, will be a permanent item at the Disney Springs location, with a catch: the cookie is only available during the morning. This vanilla bean cookie is filled with cinnamon strudel and topped with homemade baked butter crumbs.


This is the perfect ooey-gooey cookie!


It has the under-baked softness that a coffee cake should.


It was so moist it completely fell apart when we broke into it. The cinnamon filling was amazing and tasted like the inside of a cinnamon bun.


This cookie tastes like a coffee cake cranked up to an 11 and we’ll definitely be getting it on every Gideon’s trip.


Santa’s White Christmas Cookie — $6.00

Just around for the holidays, this white chocolate chip cookie has hints of coconut, sweet caramel, vanilla and nutty flavors, with ground coffee beans mixed into the cookie and topped with coarse sugar, sea salt, and holiday glitter.


This is a sweet cookie with a little bit of salt cutting through here and there.


This spice cookie is hard to describe, with a very light, subtle, sweet flavor—almost like a sugar cookie with a little something extra. It has a soft, cookie dough consistency, and while fully baked through, it’s really just extra moist and delicious.


Cookie Vom Krampus — $6.00

Of course, if you prefer your yuletide on the dark side, you can always spend it with Krampus. This triple chocolate chip cookie is mixed with chopped Andes mints and served in its own special package.


The Krampus cookie packs a punch of chocolate with surprise hints of mint!


We thought the blonde chips on top were nuts, but turns out they’re mint-chocolate bars.


This is an extremely rich cookie. Even for a chocolate lover, it’s quite an undertaking, but it’s well worth it! This cookie is a bit more firm and cakey, but still very moist and good.


The mint really gives the chocolate taste a run for its money, and the two tastes are well balanced. Very tasty cookie.


Both holiday cookies will be available through December 31, 2020.

Peanut Butter Cup Cake Slice — $9.00


This peanut butter cake was so magnificently rich and decadent. The cake itself is so moist, it’s like the consistency of a cake pop. Very chocolaty, rich, and full of flavor. The peanut butter frosting, of which there is more frosting than there is cake, is what peanut butter tastes like all grown up. It tastes like they got the very best creamy peanut butter they could find and did as little as they could to it to make it icing—and we mean that as a compliment. This isn’t a parody of peanut butter or peanut butter flavoring, it is peanut butter. Super rich, super delicious.


Do note that there is absolutely no way can one person eat it alone. Bring a friend and share! You’ll be dreaming of this cake for weeks to come.


Which items do you want to try? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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8 months ago

Our family went to DS the day after Xmas. Totally big mistake. For Gideon’s there was a line, to get into a line to get your name on a waiting list to get into a line to get into the store! We went to Amorette’s and enjoyed the desserts there.

Tom Corless
8 months ago
Reply to  tvnutt

Amorette’s is nowhere near as good as Gideon’s though.

GG Mack
7 months ago

Recently took my mom there and it was the best coffee and cookies we have ever put in our mouths! Totally worth it! We tried the Triple Chocoate and the Peanut butter cookie as well as the PB coffee. Never tasted anything as amazing!!! 100% worth the wait and hype!