PHOTO: Walt Disney World Now Placing Digital Face Masks Over Maskless Guests in On-Ride Photos

UPDATE: Disney has released a statement that they will no longer digitally enhance on-ride photos to add face masks over maskless guests. You can read the full statement here.

When Walt Disney World theme parks reopened back in July, they did so with new COVID-19 health and safety protocols, including the requirement that guests must wear face masks at all times. To further enforce this rule, guests who were found not wearing their face mask correctly on attractions did not receive their on-ride PhotoPass photos at all. Now, it seems Disney has compromised on this somewhat, “enhancing” on-ride photos by placing digital face masks over maskless guests in on-ride photos.

Photo Credit: Tony Townsend on Facebook

In a photo posted by Tony Townsend on the Facebook group Disney World Junkies, we see the first instance of this practice aboard DINOSAUR. While everyone in the front row seems to have their face masks on correctly, the riders in the back apparently did not. You can see the slightly oversized, digitized face mask edited onto the woman on the left—it almost looks like face mask clip art.

Due to the additional processing required for these photos, there is a bit of a delay for them to finally appear under the “My Photos” section of your My Disney Experience account. However, this does allow for guests to still receive their on-ride photo, even if there’s a guest not following the rules in their same ride vehicle. With plexiglass installed on most attraction ride vehicles, it’s increasingly likely that you’ll be riding along with one if not multiple other parties, so even if your group is following the face mask guidelines, there’s the chance that someone else might not be.

Not only will these new digitally-applied face masks allow for guests to enjoy their full PhotoPass benefits, but it will also encourage compliance, reducing the “monkey see, monkey do” thought process that may lead guests to erroneously believe it’s okay to remove their masks while on attractions. So far, these digital face mask enhancements are available on Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin at the Magic Kingdom and aboard DINOSAUR in Disney’s Animal Kingdom. We expect to see them rolled out to all on-ride PhotoPass opportunities in the coming months.

What do you think of the addition of digital face masks to on-ride photos? Do you think it sets the right precedent for guests? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. Boomers ruining everything again as pictured. But Disney isn’t opposed to still making money off of the people breaking the rules and potentially spreading a deadly virus.

      1. Not sure what state you are from, but Florida has no mask mandate. Legally they could reopen to full occupancy with not a mask in sight. Disney actually stops rides that can be stopped and cast characters are constantly telling people to pull their masks up over the PA on rides. We were walking and drinking with our masks off and they said Toni’s you need to be stationary when consuming food or beverage. Disney is doing what they can but I feel they should kick indignant people out.

    1. True. They should save being maskless when they are out protesting the current cause du jour with the a**clown milennials. Keep it up folks! Soon, the Gen X’ers will have the world to themselves.

  2. How are you okay with all of this? Every time I read something like this coming out of Disney, I shake my head with disgust. Yet you censor comments so the rest of us can’t see others who feel the same way.

      1. My guess is he/she is upset that comments from people who disagree with what Disney is doing are being censored so that all we see are comments from people who support the mask restrictions and support Disney in this new development of adding masks to noncompliant guests. While I don’t know if the censoring is actually happening or not, if it is I honestly don’t blame him/her for being upset. Everyone should get to voice their opinions, or no one should.

  3. What I want to know is how the guests NOT wearing masks are ” reminded” this is not acceptable at Disney. They may not care about the photo, but they are required to wear a mask and this is photographic proof they are not.

  4. Stupid. Disney has gone way too over the top.

    Masks outside. Can anyone say fresh air is good for you???

    1. Indeed fresh air is. And it’s been accepted by the CDC and other so-called experts that fresh air and UV rays kill viruses or at least slow the spread. CCP virus is no different. But Disney doesn’t care. I won’t ever go again, given the outside mandate and other left wing “woke” things they do.

      1. Source? (Spoiler: there isn’t one for any of that because it’s nonsense. Listen to what science knows about how you keep you safe. Or make it political and risk your life and other lives every time you leave your home. Gee I wonder which of these two will turn out well for you.)

  5. We saw a lot people that would get on the ride in front of us, and as soon as the ride vehicle left the loading area (with Cast Members) down the masks would come for the rest of the ride.

    In my opinion, they should be escorted out as soon as the picture was taken – proof of non-compliance with the safety rules set in place by Disney. They won’t be able to argue that they paid for admission when there is photographic evidence.

    CMs are doing a great job reminding people that are not following the rules, but the repeated message of “…may be asked to leave the park” needs to be enforced. If it is not enforced, people won’t follow it.

      1. Reasoning? Counter-argument? (Spoiler: there isn’t one because you are talking nonsense, take your own advice.)

    1. In November there was no may it was you will be asked to leave! I saw it wit my own eyes. Those that don’t want to follow the rules need not go. It’s a simple as that. I was at WDW for a week wore my mask as required came home waited 2 weeks toke a COVID test negative. It works!

  6. We went to Walt Disney world Epcot and Hollywood studios last weekend. On rockn’ roller coaster we didn’t get to scan our magic bands at the end of the ride but our photos did show up in our photopass photos. Disney must be using some RFID or facial recognition systems on the rides.

    1. You don’t have to scan your magic bands to get photos for a lot of rides anymore because it reads the chip in your Magic band. Only rides that haven’t been updated with the remote scanner do you have to actually scan your Magic band at the end of the ride 😊

  7. Ridiculous! This seems to be giving the message it’s ok to not comply. No mask? No ride. Escort from park. They’re worried about your Disney Experience photo!? What about the overall safety of your compliant Disney guests? This gives a false sense of safety to those in the park, and those planning a visit. I guess the loss of a dollar outweighs common sense and doing the right thing. Shame on Disney.

  8. MASKS MASKS MASKS!!!!!! Totally out of CONTROL. We are bring manipulated, people. But by Who???????

    1. First, it’s “whom,” second, it’s the virus’s spread that’s out of control because people are not compliant in measures to slow the spread.

  9. This seems like a money grab for Disney more than anything. The previous policy of denying guests any PhotoPass photos for non-compliance of the mask rule prevented Disney from making any money on PhotoPass sales. Now there’s a chance non-complying guests will buy a photo with a digitized mask while still enabling “monkey see, monkey do” behavior from those guests who happen to observe people breaking the rules while physically on the rides.

    1. Everything with Disney is about money. EVERYTHING. They don’t give a rats behind about anyone. These rules are total crap anyway, and they know it. They’re only pretending to comply so they can keep pocketing more money.

  10. Digitally placing face masks on riders who know that they are supposed to have them on seems ridiculous it’s as if facemasks don’t matter I’d be angry to find out someone on my ride had no mask on.

  11. This may be a little “Big Brother” of me, but I say go further: If you catch someone defying the mask rules via the on-ride photo, meet them at the exit to the ride and kindly escort them out of the park. Yes, everyone has the right not to wear a mask on their own private property, and I respect that, but if you’re going to come onto Disney property and break their rules, then you don’t belong. Have a magical day somewhere else.

  12. So what happened to Disney policy that guests must wear masks at all times except while eating or drinking and stationary. There are ample notices that guests who do not comply will be asked to leave the park. With photo evidence it seems clear that Disney should remove the offending parties from the park.

  13. Dumb. Stupid. Both? Instead of putting facemasks on the guests who are incapable of following the rules the should put a blank circle of their faces. This way compliant guests could still get their photo and the offending (offensive?) guest would get nothing. Given the current seating assignments, this hould apply to the entire row with the rule breaker.

    1. Don’t you realize that people not wearing the masks don’t care about the photos? Many people do not want photos of themselves wearing masks.

  14. Cool compromise. Personally, I think they should overlay the maskless one with Game of Thrones “Shame” meme…

  15. What an incredibly stupid thing to do. Disney is unbelievable. No wonder they are loosing money

  16. I honestly thought they would’ve called out those people who had no mask on during the rides and these photos were proof.

  17. This is unbelievably stupid. I was held at the gate for wearing a Boondock Saints shirt, although that was the result of some liberal dumbass employee. I was held at the gate for a keychain shaped like Han Solo’s blaster and that is their policy. I didn’t think they can get anymore dumb than banning a piece of plastic about the size of a half quarter; but hear we go…… digitally added masks……🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️

  18. The ride photos seem like a perfect opportunity for WDW to identify and remove guests who refuse to follow the Covid guidelines.

  19. I personally think that the mask should cover their entire face. Why let them enjoy getting a photo at all if they are being jerks and endangering others? If they won’t follow the rules, they should just stay home!

  20. This is seriously the most ridiculous, controlling, communist, laughable move Disney could make!

  21. The extreme restrictions were clearly not enough. Now WDW has to ruin pictures too. How stupid.

  22. I say, if they’re going to add a digital mask to the idiots that aren’t wearing one?
    Make it cover their ENTIRE head.
    If someone is acting ridiculous, they are fair-game to be ridiculed.

  23. This is just wrong. I understand stopping the ride if guests are seen without masks but to put masks on the pictures, is just wrong. That aside, who in the world with any sense would PAY for a picture of themselves or their family wearing a mask? Just dumb.

  24. Ok, good. If I cover my face properly per Disney’s rules, so should all others. Why should my photo be withheld because of those refusing to wear masks? Disney found a compromise to keep guests who follow their rules from losing out.

    Until we’re back to normal, we have a new normal. If you don’t like Disney’s policies, you don’t have to patronize them.

  25. Personally, I think that since they can be identified, they should be kicked out of the parks. Those are the rules.

  26. I think requiring a face mask in the first place is an absurd policy. I will not be going to Disney as long as this mask policy is in place.

  27. I’m shocked that Disney is allowing that. The guest know the park rules and if they do not want to adhere to the rules, they should be removed from the park when the ride comes to an end.

  28. The virus has a 99% survival rate outside of nursing homes, guests shouldn’t be required to wear masks to begin with.

    1. So you’re okay with this pandemic taking over 3,000,000 lives?!! Are you insane? Not to mention the survivors who suffer with what may be lifelong breathing, heart and other issues.

  29. Definitely a great step. Anything to discourage maskless guests is positive for everyone else…and I’d hate to not get my picture because someone else didn’t wear one

  30. If Disney’s policy is a 100% mask policy they should stick to their guns and eject and ban the violators

  31. Horrible, save your money and go after the restrictions lessons. Too much money to go for this kind of experience.

  32. I think Disney should throw those people out of the park if they are not wearing their mask and they have the pic to prove it.

  33. This is fantastic. No more guests who follow the rules being denied on-ride photos based on the misbehaviour of others. Good move on Disney’s part.

  34. I have the solution to this weird mask fiasco at DW. Don’t go to DW.

    We went 6 consecutive years prior to the pandemic. We survived.
    It’ll be much better in 2022 and hopefully no mask mandates and no more being locked in quarantine for 2 weeks (effectively erasing your vacation) just for crossing the border into Florida.

    This isn’t supposed to be communist Russia (yet.)

  35. Sorry… rules are rules. If Bob has to wear it so does George. If Sally had to wear it so does Susan. There should be a person at the rides end seeing the pick and if the person was not wearing the mask they should be escorted out. It only takes one infected person to infect others or the nextvoersin to sit in that seat since we know Disney is not sanitizing between every ride.

  36. I have a better idea. If they don’t follow the policy that everyone else has to follow they should be removed from the park. Is it OK not to wear clothes at DisneyWorld? I think there’s probably a policy that says guests need to wear clothes. The only difference is that not wearing a mask isn’t just offensive, its potentially dangerous to other guests. I think not getting their picture should be the least of their worries.

  37. they should just superimpose a character’s face over the entire face of the misbehaving guest…

    in-theme with the attraction, of course.

  38. Doing this will just make it acceptable to not wear a mask?!
    Or is this just my thinking?!.

  39. Whether placing digital masks on maskless rider would have a positive effect is debatable.
    What would be much more effective would be to cancel the maskless rider’s pass to all parks, whether it is a 1 or multiple day pass and post their maskless photo at the entrance to the park with a large notation they had lost their pass for the infraction of the rules.

  40. I mean, I understand the thought process. But, I believe they need to stand up and do the right thing. Even if that means handing out masks to people getting on a ride along with a friendly reminder to please wear your mask while on the ride at all times. Generally, when asked nicely, people will comply with minimal mumbling and grumbling. If a guest wishes to throw a fit instead, they can be asked to leave. Like, it’s enough with the dumb excuses and lame reasons for not doing what you know you should just because you don’t want to.

  41. Yes!! As a high risk family we pick and choose where we go based on guidelines a business sets. Someone thinking they are above the rules risks everyone’s health, and could kill someone like us. I can see frustration from those not getting ride photos because someone other than themselves were selfish, and violated policy. This should fix that, and hopefully be a deterrent to those who think the rules do not apply to them.

  42. It’s totally stupid, as is the whole mask policy period. Can’t walk and eat/drink? Stupid. The virus has a 99% survival rate and these places are discriminating against those who have medical conditions that prevent the use of a mask, a violation of the ADA, and people who have been brainwashed into fear are just standing by and letting it happen.

  43. I’m not sure I agree with this decision. This may encourage more to remove their masks. Photopass should not allow them access to their photo or they should remove their face entirely from the photo. We are all in this together and need to follow the guidelines!

  44. I think if guests refuse to follow the rules, they should be approached after the ride is over, and escorted out of the park. May seem harsh, but either follow the rules or leave. Don’t ruin everyone else’s experience because you’re too selfish to follow the rules!!

  45. You’ve got to be joking. I have now lost all respect for Disney for this…it’s a strand of the flu. This shouldn’t even be allowed. If people don’t want to wear a mask and catch this thing knows as a flu then let them. This world is overpopulated anyway.

    1. I agree… this world is very crowded. So hopefully you contract the virus and we can have one less selfish, uneducated prick posting ignorant comments like this.

  46. I was just at Disney 2 weeks ago. If they are spending money paying someone to do this they are dumber than I thought. Masks do nothing! They could save money and the enjoyment level if they made masks optional – like Legoland 45 minutes away!

  47. While I think this is nice for guests who conform and just happen to be stuck on a ride with someone who does not conform, I don’t think it’s good policy.

    This is the perfect example of Disney not enforcing their rules.

    First, let the family that followed the rules get the modified Photo Pass picture, and do not provide it to the violating family.

    Second, leverage your Magic Band technology here. You most likely know who this person is, kick them out of the park, or block their park reservation for the subsequent day.

    Having just returned from a week over Thanksgiving, the lack of mask enforcement was pretty disappointing. I suspect this has to do with larger crowds coming in, and more of them not caring to wear a mask (versus the initial guests that came back upon the parks opening over the summer). There are also not enough staff doing enforcement (not to mention the countless times cast members didn’t bother to enforce).

    I feel like they need to start tracking offenders throughout the day and implement a 3-strike policy. Someone who refuses to put on a mask gets kicked out, meanwhile, you ask someone to put on a mask, and they do so just until they’re out of sight. They should get kicked out, too — it violates the posted park policy they agreed to abide by.

  48. This is absolutely ridiculous! The guests should be thrown out of the park for violating required safety procedures, not given a chance to have a picture. Having just visited the parks, I was extremely upset that cast members were not fully enforcing mask policies, even when specifically pointed out to them. Cast member responses were, “we try” and “nothing I can do about it.” Don’t market yourself as having safety protocols and then have your employees completely ignore them. Our party did not feel safe at all, especially in the Magic Kingdom, which seemed to be the worst offender.

  49. This is absolutely ridiculous! Yet another reason we won’t be going back to Disney anytime soon… people are paying a lot of money to go there and can’t even get pictures of their whole faces?!? And there’s no mandate in the state of FL to have to wear masks…

  50. This is clearly just to stop people taking masks off on the ride so they get a better photo.
    If they know the photo will be worse I guess the theory is they’ll leave it on, so this feature isn’t as pointless as it appears.

  51. I assume one of the reasons they didn’t give the photos before was as a consequence/punishment for those not wearing masks. So instead of putting a digital face mask on them… why not just blur their face entirely, or stick Mickey Mouse or a ride-appropriate character there? Everyone else who wants the photo gets the photo, and the person who took their mask off gets nothing – unless they want to “brag” to people, “I ignored their rules, so that blur there is me!”

  52. If they dont have a face mask on they should be given a warning. If it happens on another ride they should be asked to leave park. I think Disney is sending the message that they will tolerate people to bend the rules when instead they should be encouraging a safe environment for everyone.

  53. I do not agree with digital face masks. Disney should, instead, totally block out those riders who chose to break rules and let those who abide have their picture without them!

  54. This is my winner for most bizarre story that no one would ever have believed 1 year ago.

  55. A new low for Disney, but are we really surprised these days? What are they trying to prove by doing this? Disgraceful.

  56. Excellent change. Some seem to feel this is Disney being passive aggressive but, rather, it’s actually Disney preventing people from losing their ride photos due to others in their same ride vehicle not wearing their masks.

  57. They should have up warnings that if masks are removed on rides, the offending people will be removed from the park without refund. The picture is all the better for having that icky, entitled mug stamped over. They should have covered the whole thing.

  58. You are idiots, this is all about control and compliance. This proves it once and for all there is no other logical explanation to put digital face mask on people. I will not visit Disney again until the face mask are gone. They only social distance in certain areas, not in their shops where you are spending money. They are mean and rude to people about the mask, you are losing customers thousands at a time. Complete morons. Btw, mask don’t work, you are all going to get covid at some point, just like the flu. Quit wasting your life hiding. This is all about control.

  59. I assume Disney doesn’t want to not let a guest get their picture because another guest didn’t have a mask on. But I agree you should hide the offenders faces with emojis so they cant get the picture and it would make it funnier for the those that complied. Also I would warn the offender after they exit the ride that next offense they would have to leave the park.

  60. Non mask wearers should be thrown out of park! PERIOD!!
    We were planning a trip in the near future based on Disney’s strict mask rules, but finding out that they are not enforcing them, even catering to them, has made my decision for me.
    Not cool Disney!!!

  61. We rode Splash Mtn back in August. The couple in front of us took their masks off, so we couldn’t get our picture. Luckily, we knew to say something about the missing picture. A very nice castmember took us to the front of the line so we could ride again, and get our picture. If they had to do this every time a person did not follow the rules, lines will get longer and wait times extended.
    It doesn’t matter if you agree or disagree with the mask policy. If you don’t want to follow the posted rules, stay at home. Don’t inconvenience others or ruin their memories!

  62. All riders caught removing their mask should be escorted out of the park and lose all rights to return for the duration of the pandemic.

  63. i think it’s lazy and greedy to allow guests in and not throw them out for violating rules.

    to hell with teaching anyone at this point – it is obvious those who don’t wear a mask could give a crap about anyone elsee

  64. Disney does something creative to protect the health of their park visitors. And people complain. I sincerely hope that anyone who complains about getting digitally masked gets their picture edited – to add a big forehead tattoo of the word SELFISH.

    It would give them a glimpse of how everyone with any sense already sees them.

    Meet the bare minimum of human decency; Just wear the mask.

  65. I think Disney is ignorant and ridiculous for pasting a mask on people after the fact. I’m a firm mask proponent, but what benefit does this have? People are still being potentially exposed to the virus! I say, “No mask, NO ENTRY TO THE PARK!”

  66. How about they just shut down these parks altogether? They shouldn’t be open. Period. Most people refuse to follow a few simple rules and everyone suffers. Stay the freak home!

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