PHOTOS: Arribas Bros. Crystal Cinderella Castle Price Raised $12,000 As Stock Dwindles

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If you’ve ever set foot into any Crystal Arts stores across the Disney Parks, chances are, you’ve seen one of these opulent, crystal-adorned castle replicas by Arribas Brothers housed in some kind of fancy protective case. (You know, in case a pair of kids accidentally break one… like what happened in Shanghai.) While these castles are a lavish expense, to say the least, they’re surprisingly in high demand, making for a bit of a price hike due to their coveted status.


Over in the Magic Kingdom, inside Crystal Arts by Arribas Brothers, you’ll find one of the few remaining castle figures. Part of the Arribas Jeweled Series, this Swarovski-covered Cinderella Castle is modeled after the dusty blue and gold color scheme that preceded the pink and royal blue version that was unveiled this past Summer, complete with turrets, gilded spires, and even flags.


Believe it or not, Arribas Brothers has sold five of these castles this year so far. The castle figures themselves have been discontinued, so once these fully sell out, they’re gone for good.


Due to the dwindling stock, however, the castle has gone up in price by $12,000. Previously a mere $37,500, the castle now retails for a whopping $49,500.


Once this castle is sold, there won’t be one to replace it—making this an irresistible piece for high-end collectors worldwide.

Have you ventured into Crystal Arts to see this bejeweled masterpiece for yourself? Do you know of anyone who’s purchased one of these larger-than-life souvenirs in the past few years? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. The STOCK didn’t drop, the INVENTORY did. This story needs a better headline. It sounds like stock in the company dropped, which it didn’t.

  2. If I were wealthy I would love to have one of these castles but I would worry about earthquakes! It would have to sit on a specially designed stand and adhere to it somehow.

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