VIDEO: Meet Sombrero Duffy the Disney Bear at Tokyo DisneySea’s Saludos Amigos Greeting Dock!

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Who doesn’t love Duffy the Disney Bear? The cuddly teddy bear friend of Mickey Mouse is a staple at Tokyo DisneySea, and last year he made his way to a new home in Lost River Delta, replacing Donald Duck at the Saludos Amigos Greeting Dock. Recently, we won a chance to meet Duffy at the dock, and you can join us for some adorable moments with Duffy in his special sombrero and poncho outfit thanks to YouTube!

The ever-adorable Duffy the Disney Bear meets Guests every day at the Saludos Amigos Greeting Dock at Tokyo DisneySea. For the time being, Guests must enter and win a time slot through the Entry Request lottery system.

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11 months ago

In our house, he’s called “Duffy the Merchandising Bear”

Duffy Bear
11 months ago

Thank you so much for sharing! I miss Duffy so much in the USA!!!