Walt Disney World Resort Guests No Longer Receiving Free Souvenir Luggage Tags by Mail

Walt Disney World has issued an update regarding the souvenir luggage tags and Magical Extras that usually come as part of a Disney Resort hotel reservation or vacation package.


Starting Jan. 1, 2021, luggage tags will no longer be mailed ahead of time to the guest’s residence. Guests can still pick up Walt Disney Travel Company Magical Extras and souvenir luggage tags at the front desk anytime during their stay at their Walt Disney World Resort hotel. This update is in line with another change taking effect on January 1—guests will also no longer receive complimentary MagicBands ahead of their arrival.

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Luggage tags have changed designs multiple times over the past few years, and usually came along with MagicBands as part of vacation packages, but in recent years more and more guests have reported not receiving them at all. Still, they were part of what made a Disney vacation special, as the free keepsakes helped build anticipation.

Will you miss the inclusion of free souvenir luggage tags as part of your Disney vacation? Will you still be picking up a set at the front desk when checking in? Let us know in the comments below!

  1. I understand the need to scale back some spending right now to allow the resort to return to a more normal setting and level of income, but these penny pinching measures will catch up to them. People will start to realize that the magic that makes Disney what it is, has been slipping away all so Mr. Roboto can take his full paycheck!

  2. We have not received the luggage tags for the last several trips. I am pleased to learn that you can stop by the front desk to get some. I’ll gladly forego luggage tags and Magic Bands if they bring back luggage service though. Family members that I travel with will have much difficulty handling their luggage if my flight times don’t coincide with theirs so I can help them. This puts more burden on the assistants at the airport and could be a problem for return flights if the wait time for them is too long due to more people needing assistance.

  3. No. We did not need them and while it was fun I assume many end up in a landfill. Seems like a good compromise.

  4. Very disappointing. Disney…please stop trimming the magic. This builds the anticipation and is why we come.

  5. The little extras like these luggage tags and magic bands arriving in the mail really do build anticipation for a vacation! But it seems like so much of what made staying at Disney special have been disappearing while the hotel prices skyrocket.

  6. Its the little details that count when staying at Disney.

    This little detail starts to build my holiday memories as soon as its on my doorstep.

    The planning of what to take, wear, do and much more is at this point because it become real. I’m really going to WDW. I really am going to have a holiday with Mickey.

    That then stays with me, it then goes into my memory box at home and is part of my magical experience.

    Sorry they will no longer be sending them out.

    Everything seems to be against building up the pre- holiday experience. We fly by Virgin Atlantic or British Airways but no longer get sent tickets but have an email or barcode for your phone.

    No longer get tickets or magic bands into Disney but collect when we arrive.

    No luggage tags …. whats next?

    Oh, glum I seem. Lockdown we are in.

  7. Not a good idea Disney…. soon we will be paying for Disney bus transportation while staying on property. The little perks add to the Disney magic please don’t put the Disney light out!

  8. These little extras are what set Disney apart from Universal, or Silver Dollar City. Remove them, and long term we will just go somewhere else.

  9. Trimming little extras while wealthy executives continue to take full salary is a slap in the face to all devoted Disney World travelers. We made you rich, so show some appreciation and class.

  10. The luggage tags were a nice little perk and as other have said, you pay a premium to stay at a Disney World resort so taking away these small perks may sway folks to stay somewhere else.

    We still have ours from 2014, they are pretty cheap, nothing special in quality but nice to have. Why doesn’t Disney just get a sponsor to put their logo on them to cover the cost? (It seems there is some sort of logo on them in the photo above). That would be a win for everyone!

  11. So when you took this off of DTA I take it you missed the part where it clearly explained you can pick them up at the resort front desk with your Magical Extra card?
    “Beginning with arrivals on Jan. 1, 2021, there will be a change in how your Clients receive Walt Disney Travel Company Magical Extras and Souvenir Luggage Tags. Starting Jan. 1, 2021, your Clients can pick-up these items at the front desk anytime during their stay at their Walt Disney World Resort hotel.
    Please note this update is for Walt Disney World Resort hotel reservations only. Guests who have a Walt Disney Travel Company reservation at our Other Great Accommodations will continue to pick up their Magical Extras and Souvenir Luggage Tags at the Front Desk.

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