Journey Into Imagination With Figment

Eric Idle Doesn’t Remember Filming Journey Into Imagination With Figment, Reveals He’s Never Visited the Ride at EPCOT

In a series of tweets, legendary actor Eric Idle revealed that he’s never visited Journey Into Imagination with Figment at EPCOT, in which he stars as Dr. Nigel Channing, and seems to have forgotten much of his experience working on the attraction.

It started when a Twitter user sent Idle a picture of Figment and asked if there were any more plans to work with him. Idle responded that he loved working with Don Rickles, which sparked some confusion.

Idle cleared up his mistake and said he had forgot Figment and confused him for Devon and Cornwall, the two-headed dragon he and Rickles portrayed in Warner Bros.’ Quest for Camelot.

Another Twitter user said that if even Idle doesn’t remember the attraction, Disney should put it out of its misery. Idle defended forgetting the attraction by saying, “To be fair I never saw the finished thing. I just recorded voices in LA.”

When Idle was reminded that he didn’t just record voices, he also was on film, he said “Ok thanks.” It’s unclear it Idle remembers filming the short-lived Journey Into Your Imagination either. He has in the past brought up his experience on Honey, I Shrunk the Audience, however.

Finally, No Context E.T. edited Idle’s moon face from Journey Into Imagination into the famous bicycle moment from E.T., to which the comedian responded “This I did do.”

It seems Journey Into Imagination with Figment isn’t very memorable for Eric Idle, but what about you? Let us know your thoughts about the attraction’s current iteration in the comments.

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  1. Not surprising he doesn’t remember doing the figment ride. I don’t even remember what I had for breakfast this morning. It’s what old age does to you. My kids love the figment ride. It has excellent air conditioning, sits in a fancy building, and is never too crowded.

  2. It is a family favorite starting with my mom, my 4 sisters, myself, my children, my nieces and nephews. I would tell the person that made the comment about putting it out of it’s misery. You are entitled to your wrong opinion. Even thought we love Figment, my mom, my sisters and I miss the original ride. Epcot would not be Epcot, to us, without Figment. Figment is part of the history of what the Sherman Brother’s contributed to the parks.

  3. This ride isn’t very memorable for anyone I suppose. I just enjoy that it’s air conditioned.

  4. I’ve always loved the Figment ride. Every time I go back to Epcot I make sure to go on it. It’s too bad that it didn’t mean too much to him.

  5. I loved Figment, but unfortunately haven’t been back to Disney World in over 30 years. Is there a “current iteration”?

  6. I love this ride. I do wish there was a few updates, but it’s so nostalgic that I wouldn’t want them to do away with it.

  7. I remember it from our one trip to Walt Disney World 10 years ago. I’m pretty sure I spotted the computer from The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes as part of the ride, although I can’t find confirmation online. It seemed a cute little ride.

  8. Fig is awesome…the ride though could be amazing, current ride is lack luster in my opinion, to say the least. Why is it that some Disney rides get untouched for like 40 years? Don’t get it.

    1. It was amazing in its original product. They changed that to the current version years ago and it is just lacking.

  9. Fourteen members of our multi-generational family were fortunate to have gone to Disney World in January 2020. Figment was our 4 year old great-grandson’s absolute favorite, and he was still excited when he received a Figment Christmas ornament eleven months later.

  10. The original ride was better, my 8 yr old daughter at the time 23 yrs ago loved figment, she still does. We bought a small figment doll, still have it. Figment is a must see every time we go to Epcoy. Loved honey I shuck the kids, then they replaced it with the unwatchable Captain EO what a waste of time.

    1. I think you have some timelines crossed, Captain Eo was there first from 1986 to 1994, then Honey I Shrunk The Audience was there from 1994 to 2010, then Captain Eo returned in 2010 until 2015.

  11. It’s memorable to me and my family. Figment is my Dad’s favorite Disney character. Journey into Imagination should stay right where it is. I understand Eric Idle not remembering his work on the ride, but that DOESN’T mean that it should put out of misery. Keep Journey into Imagination around FOREVER please.

  12. I Loved Eric Idle in the attraction! He seriously needs to go and ride it. Heck, give him a 4 day hopper and do a special on his visit during this time of massive changes.

  13. Maybe he’s getting forgetful in older age? His one comment about doing voices and not seeing the end product was in reference to the animated Quest for Camelot film, not the ride.

    I don’t doubt that he’s never ridden the Disney ride. It’s sad though that he doesn’t remember doing the actual acting parts of the JIIWF ride’s films. The moon face post seemed to trigger a memory of some sort.

    Still, the Figment ride needs an update/revamp.

    1. I was thinking the same thing about Idle aging a bit. And frankly, I didn’t realize he actually voiced that two-headed dragon in “Quest For Camelot.”

      Perhaps he didn’t ride in the Imagination Pavilion. It’s possible that he may have only seen the props being made before they were shipped out to Florida, which may have triggered his memory a bit. He DID say he only did the voices in Los Angeles.

  14. I loved Figment on the ride Imaginations. I was very sad it was gone it was the best with the hot air balloon. We miss it always!

  15. My family and I LOVE “Journey Into Imagination”. My daughters have Figment toys, goodies and even Christmas decorations of him!
    I still remember going on the ride as a young boy myself, which was quite a while ago, but I still have fond memories of that and am glad that it’s still there for my children to enjoy too! #weloveyoufigment

    My kids n now grandkids request this ride . Wish they would bring back the “figment playground” n skunk smell.

  17. Have we considered the fact that perhaps we’re the ones who are wrong? Maybe this attraction never happened. Perhaps Figment is just that–a figment of our imaginations. Maybe Eric Idle doesn’t remember it because he never did it. Call it alternate dimensions, or the Mandela Effect, or whatever, but I don’t think we can discount the possibility anymore. 😂 #DownTheRabbitHole

    1. This was and always will be one of my favs. I do think original figment was best but as a small child figment was my favorite and I hope my son can enjoy it before it’s gone. I find many families aren’t crazy about Epcot but as a child myself and my family always loved Epcot. It’s a different park and a different experience

  18. i am only further convinced “putting it out of its misery” is the operative phrase we can all agree on at this point.

  19. You missed the original ride but we go see Figment every time as a family – he’s our older daughter’s absolute favorite.

  20. It’s ok if people don’t remember stuff, but you don’t be a jerk to other people if they don’t remember certain stuff.

  21. We love this ride, actually. And he was wonderful in it. It’s a shame he doesn’t remember.

  22. Figment and the Journey Into Imagination is my favorite character and ride in Epcot!! When I was younger it was hard to buy a Figment stuffed animal, always sold out. This is a great ride that most kids seem to love! Hope Disney does not do away with it.

  23. The original Figment was outstanding! We have wished for years that WDW would revert back! It has never been good since they changed it. My daughter was 3 the last time she saw the original. She can still remember the original song and every detail even though it was 26 years ago. We have a tiny Figment toy that has been a Christmas tree staple. Bring back the original or at least the music and theme!

  24. Yes Figment remains a must do for me. its all about imagination letting your mind still create things rather then close off that child like part of your mind it truly has meaning for me. Maybe update it but do not remove that ride

  25. I’m guessing the Figment project didn’t take much time for him and at 77 years old it was probably a brief blip in a long career. If Idle forgets being in Monty Python… then we need to call someone.

    I feel for him. I had a friend tell me that was one his favorite times was being part of a project I ran. The problem is I don’t remember the existence of that project, let alone running it. I guess as I get older, maybe I’ll only remember the projects where things caught on fire.

  26. Worst ride EVER! I’m a big Disneyland fan and recently went to Epcot for the first time. Granted, most of the Epcot rides were disappointing, but Figment was by far the worst!! I felt like I had entered a PBS park or something. Not worthy of being at a Disney park, for sure!!

  27. My only experience of this ride has been the Eric Idle and Figment version, it’s an okay ride, but it’s also completely understandable that Eric would have forgotten about it. Unfortunately, despite the high regard I see online for the original incarnation, this version has always seemed like the side attraction to Honey I Shrunk the Audience (in spite of that show being retired for bleedin’ Captain EO and then some Pixar shorts you could see on the internet grumblegrumble).

    Hopefully at some point both Journey and the magic eye theater get an update – and can be tied into one another again. The continuity was always one of the most interesting things about the area to my young self.

  28. It’s sad that Disney will gut beloved attractions to SJW-ify them, or to capitalize on the newest fad or billion-dollar IP, but not do the same to the horrible rides like Imagination, Seas, the many Dumbo clones that don’t need to exist, Na’vi River Journey, or Kali River Rapids. Nemo especially is an example of shamelessly modifying a ride just to sell merch and bring in the Pixar kids, and it’s incredibly dull and lifeless. And then there’s Norway…I don’t recall ever hearing about Maelstrom breaking down, but Frozen breaks down every other day…AND it uses more modern tech!

  29. The area after is the favorite loved place for my sensory,non verbal, 11 year old daughter. She jumps up and down and gets all excited! She loves all of it and doesn’t let us leave! I love they brought Vanenelope there for a meet and greet! We are going again this May and it’s always a big part of our visit!
    As far as that actor. It’s ok hes not rememberable its figment who actually matters anyway 🤣😂 much love for Figment 🐉《closest my phone had to a figment character 💗

  30. I’ve heard that the figment ride used to be good, but for someone who experienced only this newest version, it’s awful. The character is obnoxious and not likable. Totally agree with the “put it out of its misery” comment.

  31. I LOVE Figment. I have collected Figment merchandise for over 35 years. I go on the ride at least 10 times when I am at WDW. I liked the original ride much better than the new one but since it was closed for so long, I will take what is there now.

  32. I’m honestly surprised that Eric Idle doesn’t remember this whole experience. Figment has always been famous for Disney fans worldwide and there’s always been fan fiction or memes that have always teased Nigel Channing about his character and his influence on the ride. I don’t know if it’s either a memory loss through aging (no disrespect intended) or if it really wasn’t that much of a big deal for Eric. Either way, it’s kinda saddening. :(

  33. I go on this out of nostalgic love for the original ride – I always hold onto hope that they will bring back Dreamfinder one day<3

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