PHOTOS: First Look at Illuminated M&M’s Store Facade in Disney Springs

With the major work on the facade for the new M&M’s store in Disney Springs now completed, we got our first look at how the storefront will look at night.


While we assumed the giant M&M’s on the side of the store would be translucent and completely lit, it seems as though the nine M&M’s are only backlit. Maybe they’re just not done yet?


There are two lights above the large red M&M, lighting the large sign.


The brightest portion of the storefront comes in the separation between the white and yellow portions of the building, where a bright strip of light shines.


The recently added “Welcome to M&M’s” sign is not lit, we are not sure if there will be lights added to the sign or if that is the finished product.


A portion of the storefront is still hidden by construction walls.


The semicircle on the lower left side of the store is also brightly lit. From the looks of the concept art, that cutout will be a location for visitors to meet some of the iconic M&M characters.

Do you like the look of this new store at night? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.